5 Steps to Instantly Doubling your Energy Naturally

Regardless of industry-type, busy professionals are chronically tired. The demands of keeping up with jam-packed schedules filled with family, work and personal obligations creates an endless cycle of exhaustion and fatigue. The result: you reach for quick energy fixes that are unhealthy and depleting.

Below are 5 quick, easy and powerful techniques to double your energy and productivity naturally and sustainably. (more…)

Trees, Radon and Negative Ion

this is a treeIt’s widely-known that trees emit oxygen into the atmosphere. What is less known – unless we’re researchers at Queensland University in Australia – is that trees also affect the airs’ electrical properties.

According to researchers, the air in our atmosphere has about a 50/50 mix of positive and negative ions. These ions are derived from radiated air molecules coming all the way from outer space, as well as radon being emitted from deep underground rocks and soil. (more…)

Dr. Oz Looks at PEMF Therapy

Oprah’s favorite Dr. Oz has some good news for folks struggling with everything from swollen joints to chronic pain, and it goes by the quirky title of PEMF. (more…)

PAL for Relieving Pain and Conquering Illness

According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, approximately 20% of the worldwide population suffers with some sort of chronic pain. The top causes of chronic pain include arthritis, back injury, fibromyalgia and nerve damage. For these individuals, as well as those suffering with chronic illness such as diabetes, their general health affects every aspect of their life. Whether it is their ability to travel, to engage in hobbies or just get to work each day, their pain and discomfort casts a shadow over their entire life.


Effective Napping With the BioMat Pillow

BioMat PillowHave you ever been so exhausted that even after you try to nap for twenty to thirty minutes, you arise a short time later more tired and more cranky than before? Alternately, if you did fall asleep, even for a brief period of time, you might have woken up with a stiff neck and slight headache. Having given up on getting any mid-day rest you skip napping and instead rely on caffeine and sugary snacks to keep you alert. Not only is this unhealthy, it can actually fiercely work against you and make sleeping at night even more difficult.


The Positive Effects of the BioMat on Metabolism

Your individual metabolism is based upon a variety of factors, such as age, diet, level of exercise and genetics. Younger people with a healthy diet and a decent level of weekly exercise tend to have the fastest metabolism.  On the other hand, some people find their metabolism slows as they age even if they have kept the same basic lifestyle as they get older. This is particularly true with females as they enter the menopausal stage of life. But hope has arrived by way of the BioMat.


Creative Visualization For The Busy Professional

How to Promote a Greater Quality of Life

creative visualizationA meeting, followed by a morning of phone calls, a quick lunch at your desk and a full afternoon spent hunched over your computer trying to get the latest project done. By the time the end of your work day rolls around you are not only exhausted, you are mentally and physically unprepared for what awaits you at home.  By the time you walk through the door of your home, your second job begins. Fighting over homework, a quick dinner, clean the kitchen, paperwork from the office and twenty minutes worth of distressing stories on cable news. Even your weekends are filled with more of the same, with nearly no time whatsoever for relaxation.


How Tourmaline Increases the Efficacy of Quantum Healing Technology

how tourmaline increases efficacy of quantum healingTourmaline is a naturally occurring inorganic mineral that has been known to relax the muscles, ease arthritis and joint pains, alleviate depression, promote detoxification, correct erratic sleep patterns, and even  improve hair quality. Like other gemstones and crystals it has its own electrical charge, containing both positive and negative ions. It is also an excellent conductor of heat and electricity.

Breathe In, Breathe Out: Meditation Can Change Your Life

Meditation Can Change Your LifeHow hard is it to simply sit still and pay attention to your breath (and just your breath)?

Try it for five minutes and see how often your mind starts to wander off. This tendency for the mind to drift, of course, makes meditation all the more valuable – we’re often pretty good at doing five things at once, but terrible at doing just one – breathing.

Even more, meditation’s many benefits are scientifically proven and pretty impressive – increased gray matter in the brain, better focus, concentration and performance at work, increased lung capacity, better relationships – and the list goes on and on. Meditation isn’t necessarily easy, but it is so good for you.


Creative Visualization and New Reality PAL Device Support Improved Health and Success

Simply using creative visualization can spark your imagination, concentration and motivation while decreasing both stress and anxiety.


Corporate Wellness Rooms Adopt BioMat for Better Employee Health

corporate wellness rooms for better employee healthWellness, health and longevity aren’t just buzzwords in the fitness industry. Companies understand that healthy employees are better employees, and are turning to these concepts to create better and healthier workplaces, offering everything from weight loss to smoking cessation to exercise programs for their employees.

In addition, many companies now provide wellness rooms, which can include fitness classes, meditation spaces and more, so that employees don’t have to leave the office to focus on their health and well-being.


National Cancer Survivors Day

National Cancer Survivors DayThis Sunday, June 5 is the 24th annual National Cancer Survivor Day, and invites you to join us in celebration and acknowledgement of this very important day.

National Cancer Survivors Day is a celebration of life that’s usually held on the first Sunday in June. People all across the United States, Canada and other participating countries unite on this day to show the world that life after a cancer diagnosis can still be full of hope and meaning.


Healthy, glowing skin in time for spring

Glowing SkinSpring has arrived, and it’s time to shed those layers and expose some skin! Is your skin in top condition and ready to withstand all the extra attention? If it’s looking tired and sallow after a long, hard winter, don’t despair. Here are some tips for getting a healthy, all-over glow:

Eat your veggies: A recent study suggests that eating lots of carotenoid fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, tomatoes, figs and cranberries, gives your skin a sunny, healthy glow that is more appealing than a suntan. The study had people rate the two types of facial color, and found that most people preferred the color created by a healthy diet than that created by tanning. Carotenoids are powerful antioxidants that boost your immune function and help your body fight off disease and deterioration.


Can you relieve heartburn without meds?

HeartburnHeartburn is a very common condition , with one in 10 Americans experiencing heartburn symptoms at least once a week.  It can be brought on by a number of different factors, including stress, obesity, pregnancy, being a smoker and eating certain foods.  Symptoms of Heartburn can be described as a burning sensation in the chest which may radiate to the throat or jaw.

Many people with heartburn turn immediately to medication for relief of their symptoms, but often lifestyle changes are just as effective, and reduce the risk of side effects from prescriptions or over-the-counter drugs.  These side effects can include infections, pneumonia and even increased risk of bone fractures.  In fact, some experts say that 60 to 70 percent of people taking heartburn drugs probably don’t need them, or could see just as much benefit from simple lifestyle changes.

Six quick ways to boost your energy in the morning

5 ways to Boost EnergyIf you struggle to get up and get moving in the mornings, you’re not alone.  Hard statistics are hard to come by, but early birds are definitely in the minority.  Most of us have to fight to keep our eyes open, shake off the night’s sleepiness and embrace the day with vitality.

You may never learn to love rising with the sun, but there are things you can do to improve your mornings.  Here are five tips for making the a.m. a little less painful:

The two most challenging resolutions—and how to succeed in overcoming them

Sticking to 2011 ResolutionsWhat were your resolutions for this year?  If you’re like most people, slimming down, butting out and getting healthier in general were at the top of your list at the beginning of year.  Fast forward to now and ask yourself if these are resolutions that have been put on the back burner?  When it comes to weight loss, 95 percent of people have gained back the weight they lost within five years, and people who try to quit smoking don’t fare much better: 75 percent start smoking again.

These relapse rates tell us that losing weight and overcoming a nicotine addiction are two of the most difficult goals to achieve.  But that doesn’t mean they’re not worthwhile.  Being able to keep just one of these two resolutions can transform your appearance, overall health and quality of life.

Fortunately, your chances of keeping weight off and staying smoke-free now and forever are much better in 2011, thanks to new technologies designed to prime your body and mind for success:

How to lighten up the “winter blues”

seasonal effect disorderMany people simply accept that the winter months inevitably bring on darker moods, lethargy and weight gain.  Like hibernating bears, they curl up indoors and wait until the lighter days and warmer temperatures of spring rekindle their energy and interest in life.

However, there is no reason to suffer through months of low energy and depression any more.  Mood swings that correspond to the seasons, known in the medical community as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or seasonal depression, are now an accepted medical condition with an array of proven treatment options.


Heavy consequences for heavy metal pollution

Heavy Metal PollutionOur modern world couldn’t survive without metal.  It forms the backbone of our buildings, our vehicles, our transportation and defense systems.  It even shows up in our teeth when we need dental work.

But a certain type of metal is highly toxic to humans, and we need to do everything we can to minimize our exposure to it.  Heavy metals earned their name because of their high molecular weights, which makes them denser and heavier than other metals.  Examples of heavy metals are arsenic, chromium, cadmium, copper, lead and mercury.

When ingested, inhaled or absorbed through the skin, these heavy metals can (more…)

The two most challenging resolutions—and how to succeed in keeping them

New Year's ResolutionsWhat are your resolutions this year?  If you’re like most people, slimming down and butting out are at the top of your list.

And these are also likely to be resolutions you’ve made before and failed to keep.  When it comes to weight loss, 95 percent of people have gained back the weight they lost within five years, and people who try to quit smoking don’t fare much better: 75 percent start smoking again.

Hands, feet and Reflexology: the gateways to total-body health

Reflexology on hands and feetOur hands and feet are incredibly complex nerve zones that connect throughout our bodies.  There are 7,200 nerve endings in your feet, and a staggering 1,300 nerve endings per square inch in your hands.

Reflexology is one of the only healing disciplines to focus entirely on the ability of the hands and feet to control and regulate physical processes throughout the body.  By placing pressure on various areas of the hands and feet, the reflexologist sends healing signals to various parts of the body.


Amethyst: the history, myth and science behind a remarkable stone

History Of The Amethyst StoneAmethyst has held a place of honor in many cultures as a protector of health and wellness.  Almost from the beginning of time, people from different cultures the world over have been deeply attracted to this gemstone, and have attributed to it remarkably similar powers of energy and purification.

Amethyst was regarded as a powerful precious stone by the ancient Egyptians, whose soldiers wore it for protection in battle.  Wealthy ancient Greeks and Romans drank from amethyst goblets because they believed the stone prevented intoxication, and in fact the word “amethyst” is derived from the ancient Greek word “a-methustos,” or “not intoxicated.”  Ancient Chinese medicine prescribed ground amethyst to alleviate both physical pain and troubled mental states.  In the Middle Ages, Europeans believed that amethyst healed the body and soothed anger and anxiety.

The ABCs of catching ZZZs

Chronic Sleep DisorderIf you have trouble getting a good night’s rest, you’re not alone.  An estimated 50 million to 70 million Americans suffer from a chronic sleep disorder.  Insomnia is the most common sleep complaint, affecting about 30 percent of adults.

Sleep is critical to good health. The effects of inadequate sleep range include impaired cognitive function and reduced resilience to stressful situations.  Lack of sleep can even contribute to diseases such as depression, heart disease and hypertension!

So what can you do to ensure a better night’s sleep?  Here are some tips:


Those little aches and pains—what ARE they?

What are those little aches and pains?No matter how healthy we are, or how carefully we take care of ourselves, we all experience nagging aches and pains at some point in our lives.  Sometimes we know why we’re hurting—we got too competitive in a game of softball or we picked up a heavy object without bending our knees.  But sometimes these areas of pain are a mystery.

Today on the blog, we’ll take a quick look at some little-known causes of aches and pains.

Alkal-Life ionized water or detox drinks?

Alkal-Life Ionized WaterWhich is a more effective way to lose weight and boost your health and vitality?  Will you see greater benefits with Alkal-Life ionized water or with one of the many detox drinks available at health food stores and groceries?

There are dozens, if not hundreds of different liquid detox remedies on the market, and they all contain some combination of minerals, synthetic or natural nutrients and herbal ingredients.

The popularity of these drinks continues to grow as people look for quick ways to lose weight and improve their health and vitality.  But how effective are they at helping people lose weight and keep it off?

Far Infrared Ray Technologies Stimulate Weight Loss

Can diet alone effect a permanent weight loss for most people?  Despite the fact that a dozen new diet books hit the shelves every week, the consensus among health professionals is that changing your diet won’t change your body.  This is because diet is just one element that affects your body’s overall chemistry and metabolic function.

In order to change the shape of your body, you need to address the root causes of obesity and overweight.  New technologies allow you to effect systemic change in your body, instead of attempting to change your shape through eating habits alone.

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Relaxation: How the mind heals the body

Relaxation - Face MassageMainstream science has finally caught on to the profound effects that stress can have on our physical health.  For hundreds of years, alternative and traditional medical practitioners have incorporated relaxation techniques into their treatments, but modern medicine stubbornly kept the mind and the body separate.

Today, of course, the effects of stress on everything from allergies to diabetes have been documented.  Stress can depress the immune system, making your body vulnerable to illnesses and infections, and it also increases inflammation, putting stress sufferers at higher risk of developing heart disease and even neurodegenerative diseases like multiple sclerosis.

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