The Corporate BioMat: A Great Benefit for Your Employees

BioMat for corporate usageWork place productivity and employee retention depends on a comfortable and stress free environment. As an employer or manager, the costs of staff turn over far out way the small measures that can be made to enhance the work environment where employees spend nearly a third of their life. Further, if workplace stress is reduced then employees become more focused and efficient throughout the day. There are fewer sick days, reduced tension and improved teamwork with less corporate stress. You may even have employees who look forward to showing up to work on Monday morning.

The BioMat is a great addition to your company. Imagine the reaction from employees when you tell them that their coffee or lunch breaks can now be spent engaging in the pure relaxation that only the BioMat can provide. Your employees may begin their break time overwhelmed and anxious, but they will end it relaxed, energized and ready to tackle more work. This creates a company ambiance that is more productive for everyone.

Further, with decreased and greater stress management, interpersonal relationships within the office improve. This means that the sense of teamwork that is felt at your company is elevated to the point that everyone feels like a valued member of the team. The increased level of cooperation and productivity is sure to bring a boost to the bottom line, record sales, less redundancy and a smile to the face of any boss.

A company BioMat can be used as a relaxation tool for all staff members you employ. From the receptionist to mid-management to the executive office suites, the BioMat is a singular tool that provides stress relief to all employees. If corporate space allows, you may want to delegate a quiet and enclosed area of your business for the BioMat. Make the environment as comfortable as possible and include a timer in the space so that the employees know when their BioMat session has come to an end. Other touches such as dimmed lights, comfortable pillows and scented candles can make the entire experience akin to a mini spa treatment in the middle of an otherwise hurried workday. The BioMat can also be used on an office chair right at your desk.

This quick burst of relaxation in the middle of the day creates more individual and team productivity during the rest of the day. Further, because your employees will be so grateful for this extra employment perk, they are more likely to go the extra mile for you when you need it. This comes in handy when a bit project, unpleasant client or a serious time crunch descends upon your office.

If you are the boss, be sure to treat yourself to the BioMat during the workday too. You probably feel a great deal of pressure day in and day out at your company, so you deserve the luxury of the BioMat. Once you experience the BioMat on a daily basis at your company, you will be a more patient, calm, reasonable and pleasant boss. No matter what job related stress comes you way, you will be equipped to manage it in a calm fashion. Your employees will be grateful for this little bonus with big benefits as well!

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