Beyond Weight Loss: The Positive Effects of Far Infrared Rays on Metabolism

positive effects of far infrared rays on metabolismThe term “metabolism” is commonly associated with weight loss, with how fast and efficiently the body can burn calories in order to shed unhealthy pounds. In reality, your metabolism is a far more complex process. Metabolism is comprised of thousands of biochemical reactions that are vital for the health and survival of the human organism. It involves either the breakdown of matter to derive energy or the utilization of energy to create new matter (i.e. hair, skin, nails, organ tissue, cells, etc).

Metabolic functions depend on the health of the organs responsible for their maintenance. Hormones primarily determine our metabolic rate, which are secreted by endocrine organs such as the pancreas, thyroid, and adrenals.

Some of the ways these organs and their respective hormones affect metabolism are as follows:

  • Insulin resistance is a metabolic disorder characterized by the cells’ inability to use sugar, often worsening into the chronic degenerative condition known as diabetes. Most people with insulin resistance or diabetes are overweight due to the cellular inability to metabolize carbohydrates and fat effectively.  When the cells do not use sugar, it is converted into fat.
  • The thyroid gland, more than any other organ in the endocrine system, is considered the master gland that regulates metabolism. Hypothyroidism, a common thyroid disorder among women, results in weight gain due to the insufficient production of hormones T3 and T4 that control metabolism.
  • Unmanaged chronic stress can lead to adrenal insufficiency. The hormone cortisol is manufactured by the adrenal cortex. Cortisol affects the metabolism of the macronutrients fat, protein, and carbohydrates. Fat storage of a person suffering from adrenal fatigue is usually found in the midsection.

cortisol levels reduced with biomat

A recent study conducted by Dr. George Grant, Ph.D., I.M.D., M.Sc., M.Ed., C. Chem., R.M., a former Consultant for Health Canada, found that by using the BioMat, cortisol levels were reduced on a group average from 16.7 to 12.5, a reduction of 25.15%.   Subjects were tested before and after using the BioMat for one hour daily over a 3-month period using 3 different biofeedback devices and blood cortisol levels to measure stress reduction. Far InfraRed/Negative Ions Amethyst BioMat reduced Stress by 78% as validated by Pre and Post Biofeedback Brain Scans as well as fating blood test to measure the stress hormone cortisol.  Study results released 2011.

Eating a balanced, nutrient-dense diet, exercising, reducing stress levels, and supplementing aren’t the only natural solutions for the treatment of metabolic disorders. Far infrared heat therapy, a non-pharmacological intervention that penetrates each cell with its long-wave healing rays, is a potent protocol that can dramatically reverse metabolic problems in a short period of time. Far infrared heat has the ability to detoxify and revitalize various organ systems such as the endocrine system. It supports and activates the body’s natural healing powers. When it comes to quality delivery of FIR heat the BioMat is a stand out, highly recognized wellness choice, delivering the healing benefits of both far infrared heat therapy and negative ion treatment. Negative ions trigger detoxification by attracting positive ions, which are always in excess in a sick body. They are also responsible for cellular rejuvenation, resulting in an efficient metabolism.

The infrared heat generated by the BioMat burns calories while your body is lying on the device. The remarkable thing is that FIR heat also stimulates your body to continue burning calories even after you’re done using the BioMat. That’s because the physiological changes that FIR affect are so profound they work overtime. Frequent exposure to far infrared heat also results in higher energy levels resulting in weight loss.

Weight gain isn’t usually the worst symptom of a metabolic disorder. Medical practitioners normally focus on more serious, potentially life-threatening symptoms. The remarkable thing about the FIR’s ability to normalize endocrine function with each session with the BioMat is that other health issues related to the above-mentioned organ dysfunctions/hormonal imbalances may improve as well. Increasing insulin sensitivity wards off common diabetes complications such as hypertension, heart disease, obesity, glaucoma, and gangrene. A diabetic is also more prone to cancer since his body already has the environment that will enable malignant cells to thrive and multiply. Someone suffering from adrenal exhaustion that is concerned about belly fat may also find relief from muscle weakness, depression, fatigue, hypoglycemia, low blood pressure, and headaches as well.

Lose weight and reverse metabolic disorders with the BioMat today.