How to Become a BioMat Distributor

Becoming a BioMat Distributor is one of the most rewarding decisions you can make, aside from investing in a BioMat for your home or business!


New distributors have the opportunity to earn DOUBLE the standard beginning commissions and compensation.

That’s 20% commission, 20% Product Certificates on ALL sales you make in your first 60 days as a distributor!


It’s a simple two-step process

  1. Purchase your Independent Sales Associate Agreement for $80 ~ Life Time Membership
  2. Purchase a minimum of $1500 in Business Volume (Note: Business Volume is different from the product list price. Call us at 888-524-6628 for help in calculating your perfect Quick Start Qualification!) To be fully qualified in Richway’s binary system (Every $500 in Business Volume (BV)  = 1 business center. Richway’s basic requirement is to have 3 business centers.

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Some of our most successful distributors have made their $1500 investment in the following products:

  • BioMat Professional (with or without the professional discount) = $1600 / $1700 BV
  • BioMat Professional Set Includes Pillow (with or without the professional discount) = $1900 / $2000 BV
  • BioMat Mini (2) + Pillow = $1600 BV
  • BioAcoustic Pro Size = $1500 BV
  • Alkal-Life Water System = $3500 BV
  • BioMat Mini (2) Mega BioCleanse 3 Pack = $1500 BV

Naturally, there is a HUGE advantage to having as many products AND business centers as possible, both for sales reasons, but also income potential.

*** The more business centers you own, the more binary bonuses you earn ***

If you are interested in this option, contact us for a strategy session and custom plan so that we can set you up with the most optimal binary placement.


Advance with a growing market

  • The health and wellness industry has enjoyed unprecedented growth and the trend is expected to continue to pick up speed
  • The aging demographic is increasing
  • Preventive strategies are growing in interest
  • The benefits of alternative or adjunctive medical therapies are growing in awareness
  • Increasing insurance coverage
  • Patients are becoming more self-educated and seeking complimentary benefits

Income Potential

As a distributor, you may qualify for growing Commissions, Product Certificates (redeemed for additional product), Binary Bonuses, Sponsorship, Achievement and Fast Success bonuses. You are rewarded both for your direct sales and indirectly from your down-line efforts, opening the door for significant and stable passive income.

  • No Monthly Auto Ship
  • No Inventory
  • No Demotions
  • No Fulfillment

WHY IS DIFFERENT? offers the following benefits you cannot find anywhere else!

  • Seasoned BioMat experts
  • Full time support
  • Business automation
  • Turn-Key FREE ready-to-go personalized website with virtual office
  • Sales and training support
  • Expert strategic sales placement

Transform people’s lives for the better
The BioMat can make a significant difference in people’s quality of life. Many people find relief through the BioMat’s patented quantum energetic technology. Here is what some of them are saying:

“The BioMat helped stop my pain. Truly remarkable!”
“I wish I had known about the BioMat years ago.”
“My Mini BioMat has markedly improved my quality of life.”

Millions of people worldwide still don’t know about this remarkable, healing technology. As a BioMat distributor, you can introduce a transformative healing experience that is affordable and easily used in the comfort of their own homes. Become a BioMat distributor and help reach the many thousands of people whose lives could be improved greatly.

Have questions about becoming part of the BioMat distributor network? Please contact us, we would be happy to discuss why being a BioMat Distributor is so rewarding.

Please read Richway & Fuji Bio Inc. Policies and Procedures document that applies to all Independent Sales Associates. Read full details on rewarding the Compensation Plan.

*”Richway & Fuji Bio Inc. reserves the right to modify the compensation plan at any time, without notice.
The following information is for educational purposes only and is not meant to serve as income guarantee.”*