BioMatBioMat® Pillow

The BioMat® Pillow stabilizes and cradles the head and neck, delivering targeted treatment relief.  The BioMat® Pillow contains black tourmaline and amethyst crystals that deliver benefits from two of the most healing stones in the world, while keeping the head cool. This truly complements either the BioMat® Professional or the BioMat® Mini for an all-over treatment.

Superior medical and therapeutic results

The healing powers of the BioMat® have been gaining converts all over the world.  Using the BioMat® Pillow with the BioMat® Mini or BioMat® Professional provides greater negative ion and amethyst crystal therapy over using a regular pillow especially during high heat biomat sessions.

Targeted, supportive therapy for the head and neck

The BioMat® Pillow provides stabilization for the vulnerable head and neck area during treatment.  Used in tandem with the Professional or Mini BioMat®, the BioMat® Pillow can be used to keep the head cool while the BioMat® delivers therapeutic Far Infrared Ray heat to the surrounding areas. Used on its own, the BioMat® Pillow provides targeted delivery of negative ion therapy to the head and neck area.

Quality materials and workmanship

When you purchase a BioMat® Pillow, you are investing in a medical device that uses only top-of-the-line components, including amethyst and black tourmaline channels covering the entire surface area. These surround a contoured pillow of high-quality memory foam that molds to the user’s unique form, providing unparalleled stabilization of this vulnerable area.

Treatment when and where you need it

Purchase your BioMat® Pillow and enjoy the benefits of negative ions, amethyst and black tourmeline whenever you need them.  The BioMat® Pillow can be used during daily treatments or while you sleep. For a small investment, you can safeguard your health, comfort and well-being for years to come. The BioMat® Pillow measures 19” x 12” x 4.3” and is best used along with the BioMat® Professional or BioMat® Mini as part of a full-body treatment. Order your BioMat® Pillow now and it will reach your door in two weeks or less.

As a US FDA Approved Class II Medical Device, the purchase of your BioMat® Pillow may be covered by your insurance company or health benefits provider. Currently, the main types of insurance claims being paid are Personal Injury Protection, Workers’ Compensation, and Flexible Medical. Of course we cannot predict which benefits provider you have will say yes to your claim, so we encourage you to apply to all that may apply to you.  Remember the BioMat® pillow like all BioMat® products is priced very affordably for all those who do not manage to get it covered.