Germanium Power Pad

The Germanium Power Pad is a new waterproof, non-toxic protective cover for your BioMat® that cleanses the blood, relieves muscle cramping, fatigue and pain, improves circulation, prevents blood vessels from clogging, promotes endorphin production, improves the activity of NK cells and T cells, and so much more!

We love that the Germanium Power Pad slides over your entire BioMat®, front and back, and zippers up at the end, so your BioMat® is completely encased and protected, letting out only the BioMat® cord. This makes the Germanium Power Pad the perfect tool for ensuring a safe, sanitary environment in your home or office! Because it has similar properties to silicon, you can easily wipe it down with any cleaning agents you chose for a quick, simple, hygienic surface.

Germanium is a very special material harnessing the best of nature’s elements, in addition to the anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects on the body, the new Germanium Power Pad delivers benefits that go far beyond just protecting your BioMat®.

Some of the advantages that make it a true “Power Pad” are:

  • Emits large amounts of Far Infrared
  • Emits Negative Ions
  • Promotes the production of endorphins
  • Improves activity of Natural Killer and T cells
  • Supports natural body immune activity
  • Promotes oxygen supply to cells to help with oxygen deficiency
  • Helps release heavy metals from the body
  • Relieves symptoms of muscle cramping, fatigue and pain
  • Prevents blood vessels from clogging or stiffening
  • Improves purification and circulation of the blood
  • Promotes the secretion of interferon, boosting the immune system

The Germanium Pads come in all BioMat® sizes from the Mini Mat and the Professional, as well as all the bed sizes (Single, Queen and King). Be sure to add this incredible multi-tasking product to your BioMat® experience!

The Germanium Power Pad is used in addition to the standard cotton cover that is included with your BioMat®. Our suggested layering for a professional setup is the BioMat®, the standard Cotton Cover, Germanium Power Pad, then regular cotton sheet. This setup allows for easy sanitation between clients.

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