Holiday Deals

These are the BEST DEALS we’ve ever seen…EVER!

1. Receive a cash discount on our most popular bundles AND

2. Receive your choice of a bonus item based on your total purchase

1. DISCOUNT BUNDLES – Save Up To $580!

*Pricing for the $100 Discount for Health & Wellness Professionals, Veterans & First Responders applies if the purchaser qualifies for this $100 discount.


BioMat Professional + BioMat Mini + Germanium Power Pad Pro & Mini
*With $100 Professional Discount
$2530 (Save $480)
$2430 (Save $580)
BioMat Professional + BioBelt
*With $100 Professional Discount
$2200 (Save $350)
$2100 (Save $450)
BioMat Professional + NMN Octa 3000 (3 Bottles)
*With $100 Professional Discount
$1880 (Save $350)
$1780 (Save $450)

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2. BONUS ITEMS BASED ON PURCHASE AMOUNT – Receive up to $1040 in Bonus Items

RELAX – You don’t need to pick your bonus items until after you place your order!

Receive your choice of one of the listed items when your order equals the amount listed
(excluding shipping and tax if applicable):

BUY NOW, AND SELECT YOUR BONUS LATER (We will email you a certificate to redeem your FREE bonus)

$700 in Sales Volume

$1500 in Sales Volume

$2000 Sales Volume

$3000 Sales Volume

$4000 Sales Volume


The BEST Buy More, Get More Bonus of the Year!

BONUS ITEM REDEMPTION: A voucher with your eligible bonus items will be emailed to you within 3-4 weeks of your order date. Chat with our Bio-Experts if you have any questions or want help picking out the best bonus suited to your needs.

Terms and conditions apply:

  • All promotional items will be shipped and boxed separately.
  • Shipping & Handling charges apply for promotional free items.
  • The voucher with your eligible bonus items will expire 6 months from the issue date.
  • Orders that are returned, voided or canceled will not be eligible for the promotional items. If the order is only partially refunded or canceled, the remaining amount of the order that is valid and paid for will be eligible at the tier that corresponds to the product amount of the order (excludes any shipping and tax).
  • All promotional items are “final sale” and may not be exchanged or returned for other items (unless damaged or defective).
  • * NMN Octa 3000™ is available in the US only
  • **Detoxi™ Salts are only available in the US and Canada

Questions? Call or Live Chat with one of our Bio-Experts.