The Science behind Amethyst as a Healing Add-on

amethyst crystalWhile technology ushers in promising new ways to boost health and wellness, there’s also growing interest in ancient methods of healing that could have an important, perhaps even profound role to play in our modern world. One such method that has caught the attention of both health-seekers and scientists alike is the use of Amethyst.

Amethyst, which is the most valuable of all of the quartz minerals, is often used to make jewelery due to its beauty and durability. However, it was also used in ancient times to address many common ailments, including hearing problems, headaches, sleeplessness, mental stress or disorder, and alcohol addiction.

While even the most open-minded person in search of useful and safe healing alternatives may balk at such claims;, the value of Amethyst as a healing alternative is neither legend nor myth. Rather, it’s an established fact based on a number of studies and conclusions from health experts, including the following:

  • The Homeopathy School of Colorado studied five groups of students over a five year period, and concluded that Amethyst had a positive healing effect on head pains, nerve involvement of the extremities, and female symptoms.
  • The Sa Pharmaceutical Journal explored the various healing benefits associated with gemstones such as Amethyst. These included circulation problems, epilepsy, headache, infertility, insomnia, muscle spasms, nervousness, pain, rheumatism and wounds.
  • Dr. Goupil Sharma noted that Amethyst  can successfully be used for problems in the blood, breathing problems, and problems related to lack of mental clarity or alertness.
  • Health researcher Geoffrey Keyte noted that Amethyst delivers a number of energetic healing benefits, including improved creativity, relaxation, peace, stability, and even psychic abilities.

Furthermore, it’s well-known that Amethyst generates far infrared radiation and emits negative ions. There are a number of established health benefits and properties associated with far infrared radiation, including improved sleep, improved blood circulation, improved circulation of bodily fluids, improved mood and outlook, improved wound healing, and improved ability to ward off bacteria. Similarly, there are many known health benefits and properties of negative ions, including improved removal of toxic particles from the body and improved respiration.

At the same time, since Amethyst is a quartz, it instantly doubles the size of the human biomagnetic field. That’s why many people claim that they feel better or more energized within seconds of simply standing or sitting near Amethyst – especially if they’re struggling with low energy, depression or a physical ailment.

Indeed, while some methods used in ancient times should be left alone and regarded as “good ideas at the time – but certainly not for our time,” the use of Amethyst is enjoying a renaissance as a valuable, safe, scientifically-validated and 100% medication-free health alternative that’s suitable for people of all ages (and pets, too!).

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