Calming The Anxious Animal: The BioMat For Pets

Group of cats and dogsAs a pet owner  you know that many animals act anxious at various times. In particular, being away from their owners for even a very short period of time or travel can cause stress. This anxiety manifests in a variety of ways, including chewing personal items, shaking, vomiting and urinating on the floor. It’s heartbreaking to see your pet suffer like this, especially since you cannot explain to them this shift in their normal and comfortable routine. You want peace, love, health, comfort and happiness for your pets as you would your children or anyone else that you love.

The BioMat offers a sound solution for pets that will put both them and you at ease. The Mini Mat provides the same comfort that you experience when using this remarkable device. As a matter of fact, many veterinary offices use the BioMat to calm nervous animals both before and after any examination or medical treatment. The negative ions, amethyst crystals and far infrared heat provide the perfect combination for relaxing the anxious animal. Dogs and cats have been especially receptive to this type of therapy with the BioMat Mini.

Because of the portable nature of the Mini Mat, some pet owners even opt to bring their BioMat with them on the road to calm their beloved animal. Whether in a hotel room, vacation home or RV, the BioMat assures that the change in environment does not needlessly upset your pet.  It’s a win-win as you are more relaxed to enjoy your vacation knowing that your pet is happy and calm.

Of course, the BioMat is also a wonderful adjunct to veterinarian services in the treatment of chronic or acute infections, such as skin rashes, dental infections, and deep wounds. The relaxation that your pet enjoys via the BioMat provides a boost in their natural immunity and better prepares them for the pathway to wellness.

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  • Petz

    Pet owners need to monitor their pets behavior.Just like humans,were creatures of habits and routine.Pets are not exempt.We can get a little moody when our spouse or significant other or even our kids are away to long.Pets cant talk.But they can act out rudely or aggressive.

  • Jody

    Thank you. I just googled are amethyst mats safe for pets because my cat came in from the cold while I was having a treatment and is now curled up, purring on the end of my mat, between my feet. Good to know it’s safe, as other sources didn’t seem sure.