PAL for Relieving Pain and Conquering Illness

According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, approximately 20% of the worldwide population suffers with some sort of chronic pain. The top causes of chronic pain include arthritis, back injury, fibromyalgia and nerve damage. For these individuals, as well as those suffering with chronic illness such as diabetes, their general health affects every aspect of their life. Whether it is their ability to travel, to engage in hobbies or just get to work each day, their pain and discomfort casts a shadow over their entire life.

One of the secrets to managing chronic pain and lingering illness is the ability to relax and manage stress. In doing so, the muscles thoroughly rest and rejuvenate, the mind is calmed and the capability to triumph over your physical symptoms is elevated. The key to this is the Portable Accelerated Learning or PAL system. This easy to use and effective system is, as they say, just what the doctor ordered!

The PAL systems works by incorporating creative visualization while using a comfortable and accommodating head-set. The PAL device can be used in conjunction with the BioMat for optimal pain relief and comfort. In fact, these two components work in harmony to create the perfect relaxation atmosphere for those with chronic pain. Once you have conquered your pain, you are equipped to tackle any routine illness that  comes your way.

The PAL is a portable device, which means that you can use it anywhere that you choose. It has state-of-the-art light emitting lenses that bathe the user in music and sound to create an environment ripe for the release and diminishment of stress. While this is happening, your mind is set free and you are guided to visualize your body being whole, healthy and well. Soon, what you are visualizing  becomes your reality and your potential to deal with illness and pain is higher than ever before.

The PAL comes preloaded with your choice of guided visualization treatment series.  Here is the description for just one of the many series available on the PAL.



In this CVR session, Suzy Prudden will show you how to relieve the unwanted pain or discomfort, easily and effortlessly. By listening to the relaxing suggestions, you will learn how to remove the pain, and begin to visualize your new reality of optimum health and comfort.


With this CVR session, Suzy Prudden will give you the keys to unlock your inner pharmacy, opening the door to a lifetime of relief from unwanted pain and discomfort. You will have the tools of healing at your fingertips, using the power of your own mind to create health and harmony whenever you need it.


In this motivational session, Suzy Prudden shows you how living pain-free is easy; you can transport yourself to a pain-free state as easily as breathing! You’ll be able to release your pain to the past and wake up each morning pain-free.


Suzy Prudden will instruct you on how to totally relax with this method, which will assist you in breaking through the pain barrier. You will discover creative ways to unleash the power of your mind to create a future living a pain-free lifestyle. Find out how you can sleep knowing that you have the ability to wake up each day free from pain.


This CVR process is intended for you to release the bonds that keep you from letting go of pain. In this session you will access your mind to give you the tools to let go of the emotional bonds that may be holding onto your pain and to eliminate any pain or discomfort you may have in your body. You have the power within you to release pain; the power lives within you it is your mind. Deep relaxation is the state of healing; this is the place where you access your inner mind and you release all the old emotional bonds that connect you to pain or illness. As you release these emotional bonds, you activate chemicals you need to flush through your body to eliminate and eradicate all pain or discomfort, freeing your body to feel healthy and whole and completely and totally pain free.


In this session, you will access your inner mind to give you the tools to experience a more active way to release stress and tension from your body putting you in control. You will develop the ability to monitor the relaxation in your body by concentrating on the relaxation of your mind. You are going to release the stress and tension in your body by practicing tightening and releasing different parts of your body. Utilizing this relaxation response technique, you are training your body to be stress free and you can create this response at anytime. This is a powerful tool that you can use to release all stress and tension from your body, which will allow you to experience your life totally and completely pain free.


You should listen to this session at a time when you go to sleep or take a restful nap, because you will be in such a state of deep relaxation that you will not want to jump back into your day. This is a powerful process that you will not only enjoy on the deepest level of consciousness, but it will guide you to the place where you will eliminate chronic pain once and for all. You will access your inner mind to journey deep inside to all the places, times and memories that were damaging or hurtful to you in the past, and you will experience them without the pain.

  • Joyce

    A friend bought your mat
    I have used this mat for 4 days. 40-50 minutes each time. a total knee done in May I have swelling in my legs. Have noticed swelling going down the hurts in my knee not as bad.