The Science behind Amethyst as a Healing Add-on

amethyst crystalWhile technology ushers in promising new ways to boost health and wellness, there’s also growing interest in ancient methods of healing that could have an important, perhaps even profound role to play in our modern world. One such method that has caught the attention of both health-seekers and scientists alike is the use of Amethyst.

Amethyst, which is the most valuable of all of the quartz minerals, is often used to make jewelery due to its beauty and durability. However, it was also used in ancient times to address many common ailments, including (more…)

An Introduction to PEMF Mats

Elderly coupleAs more people focus on improving health and wellness, a number of new devices are in the market that are claiming to do everything from boosting energy to curing diseases, and everything in between.

While in the past people relied solely on the information and education of their doctor, today’s consumers hold the power of the internet to educate themselves and access beneficial information outside of their doctors scope of knowledge. Today’s health-focused consumers now have the ability to empower themselves with accurate, up-to-date information so they can determine which health devices are worthwhile and helpful, and which ones are expensive wastes of money and time. (more…)

10 Strategies to Improve Blood Circulation without Medication

blood cellsIf “health is wealth,” then having good blood circulation is one of the most valuable ways to support a long, healthy, vigorous life, and avoid unplanned visits to the doctor or hospital.

However, while many people grasp the monumental importance of good blood circulation, they’re much less enthusiastic about taking medication towards that end. Indeed, given some of the side effects — including the unknown or well established ones – it’s understandable why more people are just saying no to blood circulation drugs.

Fortunately, there are a variety of 100% medication-free ways to help improve blood circulation. Here are 10 simple and practical strategies to consider: (more…)

The Benefits of Ionized Water

In the quest for improved and healthy hydration, the focus in recent years strongly points to the benefits of alkaline water. As it turns out, alkalinity assists your body in developing a homeostatic or stable environment. This means that your body works at optimal performance, is able to ward off illness and is best prepared to heed off the bombardment of daily environmental threats. One of the ways that this  steady equilibrium is established in the human body is via a perfected alkaline/acid balance. Most reports indicate that this should be in the range of 80/20 for  maximum physical performance.


Breathing Easy – How Negative Ions Clean Your Air

negative ionsWhen it comes to the necessities of life, breathing fresh air certainly appears at the top of everyone’s list. If you don’t have the luxury of clean air, your health is likely to suffer. This is particularly true if your health is already compromised due to asthma, allergies, diabetes or a host of other conditions. In those cases, clean air is an absolutely requirement. This is where the BioMat can prove to be a real asset when it comes to your overall well being.


The Benefits of Alkaline Water

benefits of alkaline waterIn recent years alkaline water has been one of the most popular trends among health-conscious individuals and within natural health communities. The reasons are compelling and scientifically valid as alkalinity plays a critical role in establishing homeostatic balance. Homeostasis is the state of overall internal equilibrium characterized by an 80/20 alkaline-acid ratio. The blood’s pH must fall within the very close range of 7.35 to 7.45. Serious health crises inevitably ensue when blood pH drops below 7.35. The pH of the human saliva and urine on the other hand should ideally be 7.2 or higher. By using pH test strips on either urine or saliva you can evaluate your body’s pH level as either acidic (<7) or alkaline (<7). The lower your pH, the more unhealthy and disease-prone you become.

Beyond Weight Loss: The Positive Effects of Far Infrared Rays on Metabolism

positive effects of far infrared rays on metabolismThe term “metabolism” is commonly associated with weight loss, with how fast and efficiently the body can burn calories in order to shed unhealthy pounds. In reality, your metabolism is a far more complex process. Metabolism is comprised of thousands of biochemical reactions that are vital for the health and survival of the human organism. It involves either the breakdown of matter to derive energy or the utilization of energy to create new matter (i.e. hair, skin, nails, organ tissue, cells, etc).

Amethyst Crystal Therapy Can Heal the Body from Within

In a busy world with many demands, stressors and hectic schedules, more and more people are seeking relaxation and restoration that is not always easy to find. Amethyst crystal therapy provides a simple and soothing answer to overwhelmed minds and aching bodies – health and healing in just a few minutes a day.

Far infrared ray therapy or FIR therapy: clinical results reveal incredible promise

far infrared ray therapyFar-infrared rays (FIR), first explored by NASA scientists, have since captured the interest of the medical community. In clinics and laboratories all over the world, medical practitioners and researchers have tested the effects of FIR on a wide range of conditions. These clinical cases reveal very promising results, suggesting that FIR therapy can be successfully used to accelerate healing, improve sleep patterns, alleviate depression, improve cardiovascular health, treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and help prevent atheroscleriosis.


Is it time for a “stress intervention”?

stress awareness monthApril is Stress Management Awareness Month, which means it’s the perfect time to take a moment to assess the effects that stress may be having on your life.

Many of us continue to underestimate these effects, and we refuse to make the connection between our levels of stress and the work, relationship and health issues that we just can’t seem to resolve.

Essentially, we are in complete denial.

Yet we are staring in the face of an epidemic. A full 80 percent of us feel stress on the job, for instance, and this has a direct effect on our health: 75-90 percent of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress related problems!


Is there a link between autism and pollution?

Autism and PollutionApril is National Autism Awareness Month, and despite an increasing number of children being diagnosed with this mysterious and often devastating disease, medical science is still unable to pinpoint its root causes.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of reported cases of autism increased by 57 percent in just four years (from 2002 to 2006). Today, one in every 110 children is diagnosed with the disorder.

Most scientists agree that genes are one of the risk factors for autism, and there is also some evidence that certain prescription drugs, taken during pregnancy, could also increase risk for the unborn baby.

However, new autism research suggests that environmental toxicity could also be a cause.

BioMat for Your Home Yoga Practice

BioMat for YogaAs a yoga student, you already have a commitment to healthy living, deep breathing and taking care of yourselves and the planet. You probably know that yoga means “union” – union of mind, body and breath, as well as union of your home life with your yoga practice.

If you wish to expand or advance your home yoga practice, the uniquely formulated BioMat will take you to another level of blissful breath and movement.  And that’s just for starters – the BioMat can also help improve your overall health, reduce stress and allow you to go even deeper into postures.

Using a special type of energetic technology that combines infrared rays, ion therapy and more, the patented BioMat system was developed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals to treat a variety of conditions and create better health – now – is why it’s so ideal for a home yoga practice. You can use it anytime, anywhere – whenever you’re ready to slow down, breathe and create that union.

BioMat for Yoga Studios

BioMat for yoga yoga studioBetter health. Less stress. Convenient use. A whole new way to practice yoga and market your studio. The BioMat will take your yoga practice – and your overall health and wellness – to a brand-new level of bliss.

Even more, when your studio adds BioMats to your prop closet, you can generate new business, delight your current yoga students, and offer a new and effective form of private lessons for students of all levels.

Using a special type of energetic technology that combines infrared rays, ion therapy and more, the patented BioMat system was developed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals to treat a variety of conditions and create better health – now.


Energy Healing – Looking beyond the physical realm for complete health

Energy HealingBecause Western healing techniques focus almost exclusively on the physical body, it’s easy to forget that healthy human beings are made up of physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual elements. There is a rich tradition among many cultures of pursuing better health by working at the level of energy itself.

Energy healing has a long and venerable history in many different parts of the world.  In India, for instance, Ayurvedic medicine has elements of energy healing, in Japan there is Reiki, and in China, Qi Gong.  Native Americans and Peruvian Indians also have strong energy healing traditions.  All over the globe, people have recognized the importance of shifting, channeling and opening pathways of energy to realign minds, bodies and spirits.

Far Infrared Ray Technologies Stimulate Permanent Weight Loss

Can diet alone effect a permanent weight loss for most people? Despite the fact that a dozen new diet books hit the shelves every week, the consensus among health professionals is that changing your diet won’t change your body. This is because diet is just one element that affects your body’s overall chemistry and metabolic function.

In order to change the shape of your body permanently, you need to address the root causes of obesity and overweight. New technologies allow you to effect systemic change in your body, instead of attempting to change your shape through eating habits alone. (more…)

The “Shocking” Truth About Cellular Health – Heat Shock Protein

Studies have shown that the application of targeted, penetrative heat to the human body can stimulate a wide range of beneficial outcomes, including a strengthened immune system, stress relief and even cancer management. How can something as elemental as heat play such a central role in better health? (more…)

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