The Corporate BioMat: A Great Benefit for Your Employees

BioMat for corporate usageWork place productivity and employee retention depends on a comfortable and stress free environment. As an employer or manager, the costs of staff turn over far out way the small measures that can be made to enhance the work environment where employees spend nearly a third of their life. Further, if workplace stress is reduced then employees become more focused and (more…)

Calming The Anxious Animal: The BioMat For Pets

Group of cats and dogsAs a pet owner  you know that many animals act anxious at various times. In particular, being away from their owners for even a very short period of time or travel can cause stress. This anxiety manifests in a variety of ways, including chewing personal items, shaking, vomiting and urinating on the floor. It’s heartbreaking to see your pet suffer like this, especially since you cannot explain to them this shift in their normal and comfortable routine. You want peace, love, health, comfort and happiness for your pets as you would your children or anyone else that you love.


Look and Feel Younger with the BioMat

looking youngerHow does looking and feeling younger sound to you? Sounds good, right? No matter your age, location, income or race, this is something that appeals to both men and women around the globe. While some individuals may opt for pricey dermatological procedures, expensive ointments or costly and dangerous surgical options, looking and feeling younger is actually simple to achieve and, of course,  costs much less too.


Back Injuries Benefit from BioMat Negative Ions

back injuries negative ionsIf you are someone that suffers with chronic back pain due to injury, you know that your condition is not only acutely painful but it is also apparently endless. It may seem that no matter what position you try or what analgesic you take, the pain simply persists. The solution to real pain relief lies with the negative ions that the BioMat generates.

When you lay on the BioMat, the negative ions begin to work their magic on your aching back. Additionally, the relaxation that you experience on the BioMat allows the muscles to loosen from a tense condition which further contributes to your relief. It is this combination of negative ions and physical stress reduction that allows for a significant improvement in your chronic back pain.

Negative ions have proven rehabilitative and energizing effects. This is because when they are introduced into the human body, key components of the blood (including calcium and sodium) begin circulating in a more effective and productive manner. In doing so, the pH balance of the blood is increased and creates better overall health.

The BioMat has been deemed by medical professionals to be a safe and beneficial tool in the treatment of chronic and acute back pain. Laying on the BioMat for as little as 15 minutes has proven therapeutic effects. These healing sessions treat not just the body but also the mind. When the mind is serene and calmed, then the rehabilitative capabilities of the body are enhanced. This is the perfect permutation to treat your back pain in an effective and multi-faceted manner.

The secret to the efficacy of the BioMat is the amethyst crystals and their amazing curative properties. When coupled with the deep heat that the BioMat generated, chronic pain sufferers experience prolonged relief of their symptoms.

Enhancing your Power Nap with the BioMat

napping with biomatAs you hurry through the day, with the weight of the world upon your shoulders, nothing beats a power nap to quickly refresh and revive you. Once you have a quick snooze, you will awaken ready to tackle anything that heads your way. In fact, the power nap will clear your mind and provide you with greater clarity. And the best way to maximize the benefits of a power nap is with the BioMat.


Cooling and Heating Versatility with the BioMat Mini

Cooling heating versatility with biomat miniThe very versatile BioMat is not only used for heat therapy but for cooling down during the summer season as well. The “green” setting at 95 degrees F provides a full-body cooling effect while relaxing your body with non-soporific negative ions. As a result, you feel relaxed all throughout the day without  any drowsy side effects. This is because one of the benefits of the BioMat is that it regulates and modulates your circadian rhythms.  Circadian rhythms are physical, mental and behavioral changes that follow a roughly 24-hour cycle, responding primarily to light and darkness in one’s environment. In essence the BioMat assist in programming your normal circadian rhythm.

How the BioMat Helps Physiotherapists in Their Practice

how the biomat helps physiotherapistsPhysical pain in its many types and locations can be caused by a number of factors including arthritis, physical stress, poor posture, accidents, sports injuries, structural misalignment, malnutrition, auto-immune disorders such as allergies, systemic toxicity/acidosis, and even emotional trauma. Toxic energy from stress and unresolved negative memories disrupts the electrical flow in the body. This negative energy can end up getting lodged in joints and muscles, resulting in idiopathic pain, stiffness, and discomfort. Whatever the underlying reason, anyone suffering from physical pain wants relief and healing fast.

Stressful Job? You Will Benefit from Regular BioMat Use!

Fire FighterWhether you are a firefighter or a doctor, a teacher or a flight attendant, if you have a stressful, demanding job, you already know that you need regular relaxation and detoxification from stress and tension. And the ability to unwind and detox is as easy as rolling out a mat – the BioMat.

The BioMat can truly benefit anyone who works in a high-demand job, regarding of your age, location or health history; in fact, the mat offers some pretty impressive detox benefits: reduced stress levels, better sleep patterns, healthier joints, reduced incidence of headaches and allergies, improved cardiovascular health and much more.

Whelping pads or BioMat Mini: which is best for your pregnant dog?

Which mat is best for your pregnant dogIf your dog is having puppies—whether it’s her first litter or not—you want to make sure the experience is as comfortable as possible. There is so much to think about: nutrition, exercise, visits to the vet, and of course, the whelping bed (or whelping box, as it’s sometimes called).

It’s very important that your dog feel safe and at ease in her whelping bed. It’s her safe haven during the birthing process and for those first critical days when she must provide care for her newly whelped puppies.


Grow your practice, increase client satisfaction with the BioMat

Grow your practiceWhether you’re a spa owner, a yoga instructor, or an alternative health practitioner, introducing the BioMat into your service offerings can transform your practice.

Reiki practitioners, acupuncturists, chiropractors, naturopaths, massage therapists and many others are using the BioMat to deliver powerful, holistic, and noninvasive healing to their clientele. With the popularity and awareness of the BioMat’s far infrared ray and negative ion therapy growing rapidly, an investment in this remarkable technology will pay back manifold in increased revenue, improved client satisfaction and an expanding client base.


Better health, longer life for your AND your pet

BioMat for PetsYour pet is helping to improve and extend your life—shouldn’t you return the favor?

For some time now, experts have been in agreement over the beneficial effects of pet ownership on human health. According to studies having a pet can help to lift mild to moderate depression, improve your sleep quality and improve your overall health. Your pet can also help to lower your blood pressure and boost immunity.

Since your pet does such a great job of taking care of you, it’s only fair that you should take their good health to heart. After all, you want to make sure that you and your pet enjoy many long years of happiness and companionship together!


Fibromyalgia: the mysterious disease that targets women

FibromyalgiaAlthough more than 12 million Americans suffer from fibromyalgia, surprisingly little is known about the disease.  There is no definitive test and no known cure.

Even more inexplicable is the fact that it targets far more women than men: women are 10 times more likely to develop fibromyalgia.

Usually, a diagnosis of fibromyalgia is made only after all other causes are eliminated, making it a “diagnosis by default.”  Symptoms may include anxiety or depression, sleep disturbance, fatigue and pains in the joints, muscles and skin.  These symptoms can become so extreme that it affects the person’s relationships and their ability to hold down a job or even take care of themselves.