Stressful Job? You Will Benefit from Regular BioMat Use!

Fire FighterWhether you are a firefighter or a doctor, a teacher or a flight attendant, if you have a stressful, demanding job, you already know that you need regular relaxation and detoxification from stress and tension. And the ability to unwind and detox is as easy as rolling out a mat – the BioMat.

The BioMat can truly benefit anyone who works in a high-demand job, regarding of your age, location or health history; in fact, the mat offers some pretty impressive detox benefits: reduced stress levels, better sleep patterns, healthier joints, reduced incidence of headaches and allergies, improved cardiovascular health and much more.

If you have a stressful and busy career where performance and response are both critical, the BioMat can help you de-stress, breathe easier, release toxins and perform more effectively both on the job and off.

The BioMat: Advanced Technology That’s Easy to Use

The BioMat is a portable mat that uses a special type of energy technology that combines infrared rays, negative ion therapy and pure amethyst to promote better health and improved energy in just a few minutes and a few uses. Infrared heat therapy boosts the delivery of oxygen-rich blood to the muscles, which reduces pain and inflammation and helps you both look and feel their best. Likewise, negative ion therapy helps balance the body and support good immune function while the superconducting properties of pure amethyst can soothe an overextended nervous system.

In addition, the BioMat offers advanced technology that is easy to use: The mat can be easily stored in a closet at work or at home and used during downtime or after a hectic day – the BioMat comes in two sizes and allows users to customize the use for their specific needs, whether it’s detoxification, pain relief, weight control or simply relaxation at the end of another busy day.

All in all, the BioMat can generate a spark of improved health and wellness for busy professionals who need a boost of good health.