The Benefits of Ionized Water

In the quest for improved and healthy hydration, the focus in recent years strongly points to the benefits of alkaline water. As it turns out, alkalinity assists your body in developing a homeostatic or stable environment. This means that your body works at optimal performance, is able to ward off illness and is best prepared to heed off the bombardment of daily environmental threats. One of the ways that this  steady equilibrium is established in the human body is via a perfected alkaline/acid balance. Most reports indicate that this should be in the range of 80/20 for  maximum physical performance.

alkaline waterAlkaline water contributes significantly in creating  such a balance and using  the Alkal-Life Water Ionizer from makes it even  simpler to incorporate into your life. Because ionized water enters your system a whopping three times faster than generic water, you are immediately hydrated. For those who live in a warm climate or exercise regularly, this is not just important but can be a real lifesaver. Some additional benefits of ionized water include:

  • Slows Signs of Aging
  • Removes Toxins
  • Assists in Weight Loss
  • Boosts Immunities
  • Neutralizes Free Radicals

The Alkal-Life Water Ionizer transforms traditional tap water into a tasty drink using a high tech six-layer carbon filtration system. Because you will no longer need bottled water or a water delivery service, this will also prove to be a cost savings to your home or company budget. Boosting your health with the antioxidant power of  alkaline water, you may  notice a significant savings on trips to the doctor as well!

Another great use for alkaline water is to use this healthy water to clean fresh fruits and vegetables.  This ensures that harmful pesticides are properly removed making your food not just healthier but much tastier too! Most fresh food that we purchase is laden with harmful pesticides that may lead to infection, illness, birth defects, hormonal imbalances or even cancer. Washing your fresh fruits and vegetables with regular tap water will fail to do much good, since not only a small percentage of the pesticides be removed, but tap water is filled with contaminants as well.  Another excellent benefit is that washing your food with ionized water keeps the core nutrients and vitamins intact. The savvy cook will do whatever they can to keep these health hazards away from the family dinner table and alkaline water is the perfect solution.

This state of the art device uses iPod inspired technology in order to craft a piece of equipment that is user friendly. There is a three year lease option that is suitable for many people and at a daily cost of less than $2 per day the price is on the mark and  much lower than bottled water.  Make a wise investment both financially and physically with the Alka-Like Water Ionizer from today.

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