Effective Napping With the BioMat Pillow

BioMat PillowHave you ever been so exhausted that even after you try to nap for twenty to thirty minutes, you arise a short time later more tired and more cranky than before? Alternately, if you did fall asleep, even for a brief period of time, you might have woken up with a stiff neck and slight headache. Having given up on getting any mid-day rest you skip napping and instead rely on caffeine and sugary snacks to keep you alert. Not only is this unhealthy, it can actually fiercely work against you and make sleeping at night even more difficult.

If you want to a comfortable, relaxing and refreshing mid-day nap the key is the BioMat contour pillow. This pillow is custom designed to make sleep a calming experience to ensure that you awaken even more vibrant and revitalized. The pillow is so versatile it can be used alone, with the BioMat, or the PAL Visualization System. For the weary traveler, this pillow is compact enough for easy packing  and  guarantees that you rest comfortably no matter where you lay your head.

The special shape and design of the BioMat pillow helps to easy  achy necks, stiff shoulders or chronic headaches. It  also keeps your head and neck cool, which contributes to  productive slumber. The pillow utilizes memory foam, which means that it quickly molds to your body and makes even a quick nap a restorative, productive investment in your overall health.

Incorporating Amethyst and Tourmaline, the BioMat Pillow,  goes a long way towards keeping you tranquil and peaceful as you drift off to sleep. The zippered casing makes cleaning easy and protects this  specialized pillow for years of quality use.

  • Linda

    As you are looking down at the pillow, does the stripe belong on the left as shown in the picture?

  • Esma

    Personally, pillows that are too thick feel awful on my neck. I think they only work out if you’re relaly young. I can’t even nap on them and I’m only 21! I would advice a medium to flat pillow. Everyone has different preferences for exactly what works but, if you think about it, elevating you head like that is unnatural. Your head wants to sit in line with your spine so a fluffy pillow throws that out of line, as does no pillow at all. You may need to try a few before you find exactly what fits you.

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