Back Injuries Benefit from BioMat Negative Ions

back injuries negative ionsIf you are someone that suffers with chronic back pain due to injury, you know that your condition is not only acutely painful but it is also apparently endless. It may seem that no matter what position you try or what analgesic you take, the pain simply persists. The solution to real pain relief lies with the negative ions that the BioMat generates.

When you lay on the BioMat, the negative ions begin to work their magic on your aching back. Additionally, the relaxation that you experience on the BioMat allows the muscles to loosen from a tense condition which further contributes to your relief. It is this combination of negative ions and physical stress reduction that allows for a significant improvement in your chronic back pain.

Negative ions have proven rehabilitative and energizing effects. This is because when they are introduced into the human body, key components of the blood (including calcium and sodium) begin circulating in a more effective and productive manner. In doing so, the pH balance of the blood is increased and creates better overall health.

The BioMat has been deemed by medical professionals to be a safe and beneficial tool in the treatment of chronic and acute back pain. Laying on the BioMat for as little as 15 minutes has proven therapeutic effects. These healing sessions treat not just the body but also the mind. When the mind is serene and calmed, then the rehabilitative capabilities of the body are enhanced. This is the perfect permutation to treat your back pain in an effective and multi-faceted manner.

The secret to the efficacy of the BioMat is the amethyst crystals and their amazing curative properties. When coupled with the deep heat that the BioMat generated, chronic pain sufferers experience prolonged relief of their symptoms.

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