Breathing Easy – How Negative Ions Clean Your Air

negative ionsWhen it comes to the necessities of life, breathing fresh air certainly appears at the top of everyone’s list. If you don’t have the luxury of clean air, your health is likely to suffer. This is particularly true if your health is already compromised due to asthma, allergies, diabetes or a host of other conditions. In those cases, clean air is an absolutely requirement. This is where the BioMat can prove to be a real asset when it comes to your overall well being.

If you work outside of the home, your concern needs to be not just with the air quality of your own household but also that in your workplace. Because most individuals spend nearly a third of their life at work, this should be a priority and something that is taken seriously. One of the primary ways to assure excellent air quality for yourself and those around you is via negative ions. Negative ions, which the BioMat provides, have the capability to clean the air you breathe and provide for better overall health.

According to, there are actually both positive and negative ions in the air that we breathe each day. The percentage of each tends to vary depending on numerous factors including climate, population, industrialization and location. By definition, an ion is an electrically charged (either positively or negatively) atom and they are found in every form or life as well as every environment. When it comes to air, the negative ions can actually help to clean the air we breathe, thus creating a healthier atmosphere. On the other hand, positive ions tend to be very unhealthy and can actually harm not just your own health but also the wellbeing of animals and plants.  Use of the BioMat as you sleep will keep the positive ions at bay while the negative, and healthy, ions flourish.

In order to create improved air quality, and avert any negative health consequences due unsafe air, the key is to encourage the ratio of negative ions to prevail as this will shift the air into a healthier range. When negative ions are allowed to flourish and do their jobs, the status of the air become increasingly breathable. This holds true not just for home and office air, but commercial and retail spaces as well. This will remove allergens and contaminates while improving the general character of the air as well.

While negative ions are organically created in nature, an air ionizer can also be utilized to create them.  In places where sanitized air is a requirement, such as a hospital or nursing home, air ionizers are used on a routine and prophylactic basis. Environmental scientists have reported on the site that the optimal level of negative ions is approximately 2,000 to 4,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter. This is the air quality that is generally experienced in nature and if you are in a region near fresh water, the ocean, forests or other undisturbed areas you are acutely aware of how fresh and clean the air seems.

BioMat Provides The Answer

In order to get to the targeted level of negative ions per cubic centimeter, this mat offers a solution. With advanced BioMat technology, the air in your home or office will be cleaner, crisper and more pleasant.  The health benefit of increased negative ions are numerous and include greater immunity, healthier cell structure, better sleep patterns and purified blood.

The BioMat, which comes in various sizes (including a mini-mat option), is placed on your sleeping or sitting area and generates negative ions as you sleep. The mini-mat is also portable so that you can take it with you on vacation or even to your workplace.  Simply having the mat near you will continue to provide the benefits that you need when it comes to clean air.

The BioMat has all the essential elements to make this happen and will provide for an improved general atmosphere for you and your loved ones. Anther very positive benefit of the BioMat is the fact that this cleaner air will also boost your mood.  A healthier environment, elevated physical well being and a more upbeat attitude!

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