How the BioMat Helps Physiotherapists in Their Practice

how the biomat helps physiotherapistsPhysical pain in its many types and locations can be caused by a number of factors including arthritis, physical stress, poor posture, accidents, sports injuries, structural misalignment, malnutrition, auto-immune disorders such as allergies, systemic toxicity/acidosis, and even emotional trauma. Toxic energy from stress and unresolved negative memories disrupts the electrical flow in the body. This negative energy can end up getting lodged in joints and muscles, resulting in idiopathic pain, stiffness, and discomfort. Whatever the underlying reason, anyone suffering from physical pain wants relief and healing fast.

The incorporation of the BioMat in physical therapy can complement conventional/standard treatments to enhance and accelerate their results.  One of the distinguishing qualities of the BioMat is that it doesn’t just get rid of symptoms. It treats pain and inflammation at the cause by providing deep healing via far infrared heat and negative ions.

Toxins can also build up in the spine and be stored in the bones, causing a different kind of back pain that cannot be attributed to spinal subluxation. Lying down on the BioMat frees these trapped toxins along the spine, which are ferreted out of the body safely via sweating and through other elimination processes.

The physio-therapeutic benefits of the BioMat include treatment of musculoskeletal conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, scoliosis, neuropathy, and even the reversal of paralysis. Far infrared heat opens up the capillaries and improves circulation, delivering blood and oxygen to the inflamed joints and muscles. The BioMat’s infrared heat also increases the flexibility of tissues while the negative ions draw out acids, improving joint health and mobility simply by reclining on its surface. The soothing and penetrating far infrared heat from the BioMat eases painful, spastic, and tense muscles, relaxing them while providing lasting and profound relief. FIR heat can also rid the patient of frozen shoulders and back pain.

All these tremendous healing benefits make the BioMat an invaluable tool for effective pain management and rehabilitation.  Give your patients the whole-body healing benefits of the BioMat by tying a unit for your clinic or center today.


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