Cooling and Heating Versatility with the BioMat Mini

Cooling heating versatility with biomat miniThe very versatile BioMat is not only used for heat therapy but for cooling down during the summer season as well. The “green” setting at 95 degrees F provides a full-body cooling effect while relaxing your body with non-soporific negative ions. As a result, you feel relaxed all throughout the day without  any drowsy side effects. This is because one of the benefits of the BioMat is that it regulates and modulates your circadian rhythms.  Circadian rhythms are physical, mental and behavioral changes that follow a roughly 24-hour cycle, responding primarily to light and darkness in one’s environment. In essence the BioMat assist in programming your normal circadian rhythm.

Have you ever wondered why you feel restless or agitated during the summer months or in hot climates? The sweltering heat also has something to do with it. But there’s another lesser known reason why you feel this way: the dry heat of certain climates deprives us of feel-good negative ions in our surroundings. Conversely we feel comfort and relief when we go to the beach, or any body of water due to the negative ions emitted by living bodies of water.  You don’t even have to jump into the water to feel good, as simply being near the beach, lake, river, or falls will provide the same benefits. Thankfully, with your BioMat, you don’t have to leave your house to experience the soothing effects of negative ions. From the comfort of home, you can enjoy tension relief and smoother energy flow just by resting on your BioMat.

Propping your head on the BioMat Pillow while lying down on your BioMat enhances the cooling as the low FIR heat from the mat gets channeled to your head through the pillow’s superconducting amethyst and tourmaline crystals. Using the BioMat Pillow not only helps lift moods; it also boosts mental function by heightening alertness, improving concentration, and sharpening memory.

While the BioMat’s negative ion therapy is simultaneously calming and energizing during the day, it promotes restful, continuous sleep in the evening—which can be a real challenge on extremely hot or cold nights. Enrich your life and health now with the BioMat and BioMat Pillow combo to help you keep your internal temperature regulated no matter what the weather is doing.