Whelping pads or BioMat Mini: which is best for your pregnant dog?

Which mat is best for your pregnant dogIf your dog is having puppies—whether it’s her first litter or not—you want to make sure the experience is as comfortable as possible. There is so much to think about: nutrition, exercise, visits to the vet, and of course, the whelping bed (or whelping box, as it’s sometimes called).

It’s very important that your dog feel safe and at ease in her whelping bed. It’s her safe haven during the birthing process and for those first critical days when she must provide care for her newly whelped puppies.

Many people use whelping pads to provide a soft, warm environment for the bitch and her puppies, but is there a better option for your dog? Let’s take a look at whelping pads compared to the Mini BioMat as the foundation for a comfortable, therapeutic whelping bed.

Whelping pads are generally made of an all-synthetic fabric or cotton-polyester blend designed to wick moisture away from the surface and trap it inside. They provide a soft, absorbent surface for the mother and her pups.

However, whelping pads do not offer a source of warmth or any health benefit to your dog or her litter beyond providing a soft, dry environment. When you choose the BioMat Mini as the foundation for the whelping environment, you provide a warm, soothing, healing space that offers significant health benefits to both mother and babies.

The negative ion and far infrared therapy that has made such a difference in your own health and wellbeing produces the same biological effects in domestic animals, including dogs and cats. This means that the BioMat Mini can play an active role in safeguarding the health of the mother and her young pups. In the days leading up to the birth, letting your pregnant dog lie on the

BioMat Mini will offer a range of benefits:

  • Helps her to feel comfortable and secure in her whelping bed
  • Soothes her aching joints and other pregnancy-related discomforts
  • Has a calming effect on the mother’s pregnancy-related anxiety and restlessness

which mat is best for your pregnant dogDuring whelping, the BioMat Mini will offer soothing warmth that relaxes your dog and eases the birthing process. After the puppies are born, the BioMat continues to deliver healing far-infrared energy and negative ion therapy to the mother and the newborns.

To keep the BioMat clean and dry, use the specially developed waterproof cover, which provides moisture protection without blocking the therapeutic emissions. After the puppies have been weaned, the waterproof cover can be removed. If you wish to continue using the BioMat in the mother’s regular bed, it can be used with or without the waterproof cover, whichever you prefer.

It’s best to use the lower temperatures when using the BioMat on animals. Try the “green” setting at first, and gradually increase the temperature to the “yellow” setting as your pet becomes used to the sensation.

Compared to a cloth-based whelping pad, the BioMat Mini offers greater comfort, warmth and wellbeing to your pregnant dog and her pups. BioMat technology outperforms ordinary pads by providing a truly soothing, therapeutic whelping environment.

Give your dog a positive and healthy whelping experience. Order your BioMat Mini today.

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    We are looking to bring a daschhund puppy home for our family to love and care for. We have talked about different breeds but our hearts always come back to the daschhund. I am interested in learning more about your puppies and the cost of them. Not that the cost is of major importance,but I would like to know what I am looking at for a cost. We have been trying to find the right fit for us. I think that I have talked with about ten different breeders across North America. I live in Red Deer, AB and have been looking at this breed of dog for along time now. My children are all grown up and are young adults. One is getting married, one is in college and the youngest is getting ready for college. Although the two youngest ones (20,19) are still living at home we would like to have a dog that we can take with us where ever we are going. I also would love to have a companion to go on my walks with me. I would really love to hear back from you about your special little bundles of love. Thank you in advanceDeniseThiessen

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    So, for whelping, I should set it to the lowest setting? I have a bitch due in a day or so, and have used a specially designed heat pad in the past, but I think the biomat would be better.