Enhancing your Power Nap with the BioMat

napping with biomatAs you hurry through the day, with the weight of the world upon your shoulders, nothing beats a power nap to quickly refresh and revive you. Once you have a quick snooze, you will awaken ready to tackle anything that heads your way. In fact, the power nap will clear your mind and provide you with greater clarity. And the best way to maximize the benefits of a power nap is with the BioMat.

A power nap is very different from an extended afternoon slumber. When you take a long nap, you are likely to wake up even more sluggish and exhausted than before you hit the sheets. Once you have slept too long or too intensively, it is hard to get re-motivated and get anything accomplished during the rest of the day. Power napping while using the BioMat will put an end to that.

Simply find a quiet, comfortable and dim location in order to place the BioMat. Most people prefer this to be on their bed at home, although you certainly can use it on a couch or in a private office. While it is helpful to clear your mind as begin your power nap session, many individuals find this hard to do. Not to worry, though, because once you feel the soothing comfort and warmth of the BioMat you mind will quickly find peace.

You should allot approximately 20 to 30 minutes for your BioMat enhanced power nap. In this very short time frame you will feel not just relaxed and peaceful, but you will feel a great boost of energy once the session is completed. The multiple layers of the BioMat, in particular the amethyst, are the key components to making this short rest an effective and powerful tool to help you get through the day.