BioMat for Yoga Studios

BioMat for yoga yoga studioBetter health. Less stress. Convenient use. A whole new way to practice yoga and market your studio. The BioMat will take your yoga practice – and your overall health and wellness – to a brand-new level of bliss.

Even more, when your studio adds BioMats to your prop closet, you can generate new business, delight your current yoga students, and offer a new and effective form of private lessons for students of all levels.

Using a special type of energetic technology that combines infrared rays, ion therapy and more, the patented BioMat system was developed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals to treat a variety of conditions and create better health – now.

The BioMat is ideal for the gentle, slower yoga practices on your schedule, such as restorative yoga, yin yoga, gentle yoga and meditation. As a matter of fact, the mat is perfectly suited to meditation, since its unique technology helps to shift the brain waves to the delta state, promoting relaxation and release. In addition, you can use the mat for stretching and reclined postures, also adding a blanket for extra comfort. Many yogis enjoy using the BioMat to complement their other yoga mat.

Benefits of the BioMat for Yoga

The BioMat can change your practice, your health and your life – all while boosting business. The BioMat offers the following to you in just minutes:

Deeper poses
If you or your students are struggling to take your poses to a new level, the infrared technology of the BioMat opens muscles and tissues, allowing a deeper expression of yoga poses, particularly those that focus on the hips, shoulders and back – three of the tightest and most troubling areas for many yoga students. The BioMat relaxes the body and creates the conditions for deep opening.

Healing from injury
Chronic neck and back pain, headaches, age-related muscle and joint pain, arthritis and bursitis, sports and yoga injuries, circulatory issues, immune system issues – you name it, the BioMat can help you and your students deal with and heal from a variety of injuries and conditions. Again, the infrared heat therapy helps with muscle and joint ailments, increasing the delivery of oxygen-rich blood to the muscles, which reduces pain, stiffness, swelling and inflammation. Even better, the BioMat stimulates the body to release toxins and waste, which can negatively impact the immune system. You can feel better from the inside out after just a few hours practicing on your BioMat.

Increased circulation
Increased circulation in the body can lead to better heart health, better breathing and better overall comfort, which can make a huge difference in your yoga practice. The BioMat increases circulation and cardiovascular health by prompting an increase in body temperature, expanding blood vessels and increasing blood flow and volume.

Better sleep
Many students turn to yoga and meditation to help them deal with insomnia and other sleep-related issues. The deep-penetrating warmth of the BioMat soothes the body and the mind, encouraging relaxation, calm and better quality sleep. It can also help you drop deeply into a meditative state. Likewise, the BioMat is great for restorative, relaxing yoga poses, since it enhances feelings of peace and balance in the body.

Better business
If you own your own yoga studio, you know that you need to appeal to a wide range of people and wide range of health concerns. The BioMat rounds out your business, offering a healthy complement to your other yoga mats, props and programs. This healing modality will help your studio stand out from the crowd; you can add BioMats to your privates, restorative classes and sell BioMats in your shop for at-home use.

The BioMat product line includes: the BioMat Professional, a 32” x 78” full-body mat that can be laid on the floor of your yoga studio, on a bed, or over a massage or treatment table; and the BioMat Mini, a smaller 17” x 33” pad that can be used with spa or for spot treatments.

Well-being. Euphoria. Warmth. Balance. Let the BioMat bring a blissful glow to your studio or your home practice.

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