Energy Healing – Looking beyond the physical realm for complete health

Energy HealingBecause Western healing techniques focus almost exclusively on the physical body, it’s easy to forget that healthy human beings are made up of physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual elements. There is a rich tradition among many cultures of pursuing better health by working at the level of energy itself.

Energy healing has a long and venerable history in many different parts of the world.  In India, for instance, Ayurvedic medicine has elements of energy healing, in Japan there is Reiki, and in China, Qi Gong.  Native Americans and Peruvian Indians also have strong energy healing traditions.  All over the globe, people have recognized the importance of shifting, channeling and opening pathways of energy to realign minds, bodies and spirits.

Results beyond physical tests

Attempts to measure the effects of energy healing using conventional testing methods have been unsuccessful so far.  Researchers have attempted to explain the beneficial outcomes produced by different types of energy healing, but are unable to pinpoint the physical phenomena that actually effect a change in the person being treated.  Despite the fact that energy healing has yet to yield physically measurable phenomena under conventional testing, its effect on the person being treated is indisputable.  The excellent results that people have experienced from energy healing has helped to establish it as an accepted complementary treatment for a wide range of physical and psychological imbalances.

How it works

There are many different types of energy healing, but they are all based on the fundamental principle that everything in the universe is made up of energy. The human body itself is a powerful energy field, absorbing and radiating energy continually throughout its lifespan.  However, energy can become blocked or misaligned through a psychic disturbance, emotional trauma or health crisis.  When energy doesn’t flow freely, it can disrupt physical, mental and emotional health.  Energy healing is designed to facilitate the transfer of universal life energy through the healer to the patient, replenishing their energy stores and encouraging their own energy currents to flow in a more beneficial way and promote faster and more complete healing.

Energy HealingHealing from a distance

Many energy healers rely on their hands to conduct energy to the patient therapeutically.  An energy healer will have a combination of natural ability and professional training to help them sense and direct energies in themselves and their patients.  More recently, some practitioners have been successful in channeling energy great distances, enabling treatment for patients in remote areas.

What it treats

Energy healing has been successful in treating a wide range of mental and physical illnesses.  Practices such as Reiki are used to cure sleep disorders, anxiety and depression, to ease muscle tension, to manage pain from cancer and other diseases, and to speed healing times from surgery or other debilitating occurrences.

Who should try it

Energy healing is something that everyone can benefit from.  Non-invasive, soothing and highly effective, it is an ideal complement to other alternative therapies or to conventional medicine.  Because many different cultures have their own energy healing traditions, it also provides an opportunity to incorporate culturally appropriate care.

For another energy-based treatment, try using the BioMat for deep-penetrating healing.  The far infrared ray therapy delivers energy waves deep into the body, stimulating detoxification and regeneration at the cellular level.