Amethyst: the history, myth and science behind a remarkable stone

History Of The Amethyst StoneAmethyst has held a place of honor in many cultures as a protector of health and wellness.  Almost from the beginning of time, people from different cultures the world over have been deeply attracted to this gemstone, and have attributed to it remarkably similar powers of energy and purification.

Amethyst was regarded as a powerful precious stone by the ancient Egyptians, whose soldiers wore it for protection in battle.  Wealthy ancient Greeks and Romans drank from amethyst goblets because they believed the stone prevented intoxication, and in fact the word “amethyst” is derived from the ancient Greek word “a-methustos,” or “not intoxicated.”  Ancient Chinese medicine prescribed ground amethyst to alleviate both physical pain and troubled mental states.  In the Middle Ages, Europeans believed that amethyst healed the body and soothed anger and anxiety.
Later, during the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci attributed the ability to dissipate evil thoughts to amethyst, which corresponded to the metaphysics’ beliefs that the stone calmed and balanced the mind and helped expurgate poisons from the body.

Today, alternative medical practitioners continue to use amethyst as a cleansing, purifying agent, using it in treatments for addiction, toxicity and immune deficiencies.

The secrets of amethyst’s enduring power and fascination have now been explained by modern science.  Analysis of pure amethyst shows that this naturally formed material possesses unusually conductive properties capable of channeling energy deep into the body.  This is why the scientists and technicians who designed the BioMat chose to cover the surface with parallel amethyst channels.  This amethyst layer acts to conduct the far infrared rays and negative ions generated by the BioMat directly into the human body, amplifying the penetrative capabilities to a depth of up to seven inches.

Regardless of whether or not you believe in the mystical properties of amethyst, its scientifically proven properties do help to relieve a range of modern maladies.  Drinking from an ancient amethyst goblet may not prevent tomorrow’s hangover, but a session on your BioMat before bedtime will definitely help you detox and get a good night’s rest!