Corporate Wellness Rooms Adopt BioMat for Better Employee Health

corporate wellness rooms for better employee healthWellness, health and longevity aren’t just buzzwords in the fitness industry. Companies understand that healthy employees are better employees, and are turning to these concepts to create better and healthier workplaces, offering everything from weight loss to smoking cessation to exercise programs for their employees.

In addition, many companies now provide wellness rooms, which can include fitness classes, meditation spaces and more, so that employees don’t have to leave the office to focus on their health and well-being.

The BioMat is the ideal complement to any wellness space. Like it sounds, the BioMat is indeed a mat that supports stress relief, improved immune function and wellbeing. Employees can use the mat for stretching, meditation and more, all in the comfort of the corporate wellness space. Even better, the BioMat can be folded up and easily stored, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Without getting too technical, the BioMat uses targeted infrared heat therapy to boost the delivery of oxygen-rich blood to the muscles, which can help anyone who has aches and pains, inflammation, immune issues and trouble sleeping – all common complains in the workplace today. Likewise, people suffering from headaches, allergies, weight issues and stress are all fans of the BioMat’s healing powers.

Both the full-size BioMat Professional, a 32” x 78” full-body mat can work great in corporate wellness rooms, depending on space and number of employees. Employees simply select the setting that works best for them and then soak up the healing goodness of the BioMat in as little as a 10 minutes a day.

The BioMat Mini, a smaller 17” x 33” pad can also be used for short or long periods of time when placed on an office chair.  This is a great option for companies that do not have corporate wellness rooms.

Easy to implement, corporate wellness rooms and products that can be used at an employees desk are having a tremendous impact on the overall health, wellness and vitality of their employees, and the BioMat is the perfect tie-in for any company’s wellness plan.

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