Relaxation: How the mind heals the body

Relaxation - Face MassageMainstream science has finally caught on to the profound effects that stress can have on our physical health.  For hundreds of years, alternative and traditional medical practitioners have incorporated relaxation techniques into their treatments, but modern medicine stubbornly kept the mind and the body separate.

Today, of course, the effects of stress on everything from allergies to diabetes have been documented.  Stress can depress the immune system, making your body vulnerable to illnesses and infections, and it also increases inflammation, putting stress sufferers at higher risk of developing heart disease and even neurodegenerative diseases like multiple sclerosis.

Conversely, relaxation helps the body heal itself faster and ward off disease and dysfunction.  Although it’s a challenge to remain calm and relaxed in the faster pace of today’s world, the importance of incorporating relaxation techniques into day-to-day life has never been more important.  In fact, the American Psychological Association reports that 43 percent of us are suffering from stress-related health issues.

Finding ways to bring our minds into a delta wave pattern can help us relax, unwind and calm our jangled nerves. Mind Body Soul Delta waves generally appear when we are asleep, although as we leave childhood and grow older, the incidence of delta wave activity declines dramatically.  Meditation and other relaxation techniques can help us encourage delta brain wave activity.

Many people have written to us to say that their BioMat has had an unexpectedly positive effect on their sleep quality, or that they feel particularly relaxed and refreshed after a session on the mat.  These feelings of wellbeing are directly attributable to the delta wave activity triggered by use of the BioMat.  The negative ions that safely penetrate the body when the BioMat is in use have been shown to induce a delta brain wave state that places the user in a state of total, deep relaxation.

We encourage users to use their BioMat for stress-relief therapy, even if they originally purchased it to treat a specific physical condition.  The fact is that a healthy, relaxed mind has the power to shield the body from disease and degeneration.  So dim the lights, play soothing music, and allow yourself to truly enjoy your BioMat sessions—mind and body!