Alkal-Life ionized water or detox drinks?

Alkal-Life Ionized WaterWhich is a more effective way to lose weight and boost your health and vitality?  Will you see greater benefits with Alkal-Life ionized water or with one of the many detox drinks available at health food stores and groceries?

There are dozens, if not hundreds of different liquid detox remedies on the market, and they all contain some combination of minerals, synthetic or natural nutrients and herbal ingredients.

The popularity of these drinks continues to grow as people look for quick ways to lose weight and improve their health and vitality.  But how effective are they at helping people lose weight and keep it off?

The truth is that most of these drinks, while they are not harmful, have very limited benefit.  Many of them are based on fruit acids, and lemon juice in particular, which can increase the acidity of your pH balance and actually make you more likely to retain weight, feel fatigued and compromise your immune system.  Some of these drinks actually contain high amounts of sugar, which also add to the acid load in your body (and pile on calories, too!).  The theory behind these drinks is that acidity burns away toxins and melts fat from the system, but in fact, there is no truth to these claims.

Alka-Life Ionized WaterAlkal-Life’s ionized water, in direct contrast, returns your body to its naturally alkaline state.  By treating ordinary tap water with a specialized electrical current, Alkal-Life transforms it into a pure, alkaline stream of ionized.  This purified, ionized water flushes oxidizing wastes from your system and promotes healthy weight loss by reducing acidity in the body.

Most importantly, the Alkal-Life system gives you access to an endless stream of healthful, ionized water, allowing you to benefit from its unique properties every time you drink from the tap.  Instead of doing a short-term “cleanse” that offers only short-term benefits, you’ll be cleansing your system and restoring pH balance on a daily basis.  Compared to detox drinks, Alkal-Life offers a more effective and more sustainable, long-term approach to better health and improved weight loss.

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  • Chaitawat

    Yep, I defintely have metabolic syndrome, Let myself go a bit. I Stopped all junk and am exercising, scale does not want to budge. Even 5 years ago, if I would have done the same thing, pounds would have dropped quickly. Thick abdominal fat, high BP,? high LDL, low HDL, prediabetic fasting glucose levels if I start eating too many carbs, just to name a few of the symptoms I have. No ones fault but my own. Carbs are very problematic for me, eat too many and I get constant painful hunger. Cheers!