How Tourmaline Increases the Efficacy of Quantum Healing Technology

how tourmaline increases efficacy of quantum healingTourmaline is a naturally occurring inorganic mineral that has been known to relax the muscles, ease arthritis and joint pains, alleviate depression, promote detoxification, correct erratic sleep patterns, and even  improve hair quality. Like other gemstones and crystals it has its own electrical charge, containing both positive and negative ions. It is also an excellent conductor of heat and electricity.

BioMat Mini’s negative ions and far infrared rays (FIR) have greater penetrating action due to the presence of not just one, but two layers of superconductors. Amethyst is already a tried and tested superconducting gemstone used in all of our BioMats. The BioMat Mini contains the unique added feature of  tourmaline to further enhance the transfer, penetration, and absorption of the standard BioMat’s healing negative ions and FIR rays. Similar to amethyst, the super-conduction properties of tourmaline gathers and concentrates both negative ion energy and far infrared heat, intensifying their synergistic effects on the cellular level. Tourmaline itself is a source of FIR, so your body receives a double dose of healing rays. The result is accelerated detoxification, repair, and regeneration, leading to faster healing and rejuvenation when compared to other natural healing protocols that incorporate negative ion and far infrared heat therapy separately. Since you don’t have to buy an infrared sauna and ionizer you benefit from unprecedented drug-free healing at a fraction of the cost and time… With the BioMat Mini, you come right in contact with both the negative ions and FIR rays the instant you sit or lay down. Combine the individual benefits of amethyst and tourmaline and you have a super-healing appliance right where you need it. Our portable, well-designed, multi-tasking healing mat insures you great value of your time and money. Order your BioMat Mini today to experience the combined and enhanced power of FIR heat, negative ions, amethyst, and tourmaline.


  • Danny Reich

    I wonder what the benefit of wearing a tourmaline point and an amethyst stone around ones neck?