Creative Visualization For The Busy Professional

How to Promote a Greater Quality of Life

creative visualizationA meeting, followed by a morning of phone calls, a quick lunch at your desk and a full afternoon spent hunched over your computer trying to get the latest project done. By the time the end of your work day rolls around you are not only exhausted, you are mentally and physically unprepared for what awaits you at home.  By the time you walk through the door of your home, your second job begins. Fighting over homework, a quick dinner, clean the kitchen, paperwork from the office and twenty minutes worth of distressing stories on cable news. Even your weekends are filled with more of the same, with nearly no time whatsoever for relaxation.

Whether you are male or female, this description likely depicts your life and your struggles to remain on top of everything that life demands. While there are unhealthy ways to address this stress, such as excessive alcohol consumption, smoking or overeating, this tends to only make a bad situation even worse.

Instead, the PAL (Portable Accelerated Learning) offers a healthy remedy for your daily pressure and will put you on the road to a more peaceful existence.  This is done via Creative Visualization using the device and it could not be simpler. This easy to use device will provide stress relief and will aid you in the visualization process. When creative visualization is properly used, all aspects of your life become increasingly clear and focused. You are able to see with clarity your strengths, areas for improvement, and creative solutions to some issues you may have in your life.

Creative visualization can also be a key component in improved overall health. This includes:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Lowered Blood Pressure
  • Decreased Anxiety
  • Improved Sleep Patterns
  • Greater Ability to Fight Illness
  • Lessening of Chronic Pain

With creative visualization you will also have a greater ability to multi-task, since you will be living a less stressful life. Everyone multi-tasks to some degree and with the relaxation that the PAL provides, this can be done in an effective, manageable and efficient manner. This means that you can fold laundry while overseeing homework as you chat on the phone with your best friend…and not one task at hand suffers.

With creative visualization you will reach levels of relaxation that you did not realize were possible. Have you ever slept a full eight hours, only to wake up feeling twice as tired as you did the night before? This is because even though your body may be at rest, your mind is probably still racing with anxiety inducing thoughts. You then spend the day walking in a fog with the inability to be productive. Creative visualization using the PAL is the solution to this problem. The PAL is a personalized headset that is comfortable and effective. The headset uses music, sound and light in order to create the perfect cocktail for pure relaxation. As you reach your totally relaxed state, you are then receptive to creative visualization. This is when you can start focusing on peaceful, positive messages even as negative and unhealthy self-chatter fades away.