Six quick ways to boost your energy in the morning

5 ways to Boost EnergyIf you struggle to get up and get moving in the mornings, you’re not alone.  Hard statistics are hard to come by, but early birds are definitely in the minority.  Most of us have to fight to keep our eyes open, shake off the night’s sleepiness and embrace the day with vitality.

You may never learn to love rising with the sun, but there are things you can do to improve your mornings.  Here are five tips for making the a.m. a little less painful:

  1. Let in the light. Natural daylight signals to our bodies and minds that the day has started, so open the curtains and fill your home with light in the mornings.  Sunlight light also has mood-boosting properties, so it will put you in a more positive frame of mind.
  2. Give yourself a BioMat “boost.” Your BioMat can help you transition from night to morning and find the energy you need to embrace the day.  First thing in the morning, try using your BioMat for five to 10 minutes on the gold or red settings.  This will improve your circulation, loosen tight muscles and creaking joints and energize your body all over.
  3. Eat breakfast. Skipping breakfast may seem like a great way to save time in the morning, but it has health consequences for the rest of your day—and the rest of your life.  People who skip breakfast not only lack energy and mental focus during the day, but are likely to have more trouble maintaining a healthy weight.
  4. Avoid stress. It’s no fun racing around the house trying to find your car keys, brush your teeth and make toast all at the same time.  Stressful mornings can set you up for a bad day, so try getting to bed and getting up earlier to give yourself enough time to get everything done without panicking.  An extra 10 minutes can make all the difference.
  5. Give your self an Alkaline Ionized “boost”. Water naturally boosts your energy with superior hydration and help boost mental and physical performance too. Remember, water is essential to your body and your brain. All body systems function better when you’re properly hydrated with quality water. For top quality pure ionized alkal-line water consider the Alkal-Life System. Learn more about the Alkal-Life
  6. Get good night’s sleep to prepare for the next day. If you’re not getting seven and a half hours of sleep each night, it’s going to be tougher to get moving in the morning.  If you have trouble with anxiety or insomnia, you can improve your sleep patterns by using your BioMat on the green heat setting (95-104˚F) for an hour or two before going to bed.  You can also safely sleep through the night on your BioMat if you prefer.

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