Water Sustains All Life – Alkal-Life Water Purification System

As you know, water sustains all life. Approximately 70-80% of our body is water. Water adjusts the body’s temperature and assists in digestion. It removes toxins from the body and also makes necessary bodily fluids. The qualities and the properties of the water we drink can determine the quality of our health.  By now you have no doubt heard about all the toxic metals that are in untreated water. So you know how important it is to look after your health in any way you can. The best most effective way to protect your health is disease prevention, not waiting until you already have a health problem.

Powerful Antioxidant

We’ve all heard the term “free radicals” and “antioxidants”, but do you know what they mean? Free radicals are unstable oxygen atoms that cause oxidation in our bodies, which brings about aging and disease. Oxidation is what turns an apple brown after it is cut or causes metal to rust. The process of oxidation “steals” electrons from the surface being oxidized. Antioxidants work by significantly slowing or preventing oxidation. Drinking ionized alkaline water helps scavenge free radicals in the body. It is nature’s greatest antioxidant, laden with negatively charged hydrogen atoms.

Alkalizing Action

Why is alkalinity important? Our bodies function best when they are neither too acid nor too alkaline. Since you want to reduce your chances of disease, It is important to keep your ph within a healthy range. Alkaline water can neutralize the acidity of the body caused by stress, modern diet, air pollution and many bottled waters. An acidic body is a breeding ground for disease. Drinking ionized alkaline water greatly enhances the physiological processes responsible for attaining and maintaining a relative blood and urine alkalinity. Alkalizing increases the body’s natural defenses and strengthens immunity.

Detoxifying and Cleaning

Having a clean colon is important…animal protein, dairy, alcohol, processed and and refined foods and saturated fats all produce a mucus plaque that adheres to the colon walls. These toxins create a barrier that prevents vital nutrients from being absorbed into the body. It is well known in the field of integrative medicine that a polluted colon contributes to many diseases, but by simply alkalizing our bodies and cleansing our colons, common ailments can be resolved.


Ionization breaks clusters of water molecules into smaller micro-clusters, reducing the size of the clusters from the 11-16 molecules in standard water to 5-6 molecules in ionized water. Smaller clusters pass through cell walls more easily and hydrate the cells more quickly. Ionized alkaline water provides superior hydration and nutrition at a cellular level. Alkal-Life water tastes smooth and sweet, increasing your desire to drink water. You can literally taste the difference. When you take your first refreshing sip of Alkal-Life water, you will wonder how you ever tolerated anything else!

Bring Your Body Back To Balance

Optimal health begins when Alkal-Life water turns your acidic, polluted, chlorinated tap water into healthy ionized alkaline water. Slow down the aging process, promote healthy weight loss, boost your immunity and increase absorption of minerals and nutrients!

The Alkal-life 7000sL™ is the world’s most advanced technology in water ionization & purification. It has undergone rigorous tests to be registered by the FDA as a medical device. Now with the most advanced calibration system ever offered, this system assures you that the pH level you select is precise and completely accurate. This is the only calibration system that filters all types of water to guarantee you are getting the best water quality available.

By now we know how important quality water is to our health. Now is the time to take your health into your own hands, or should we say cup!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003407194195 Lucas

    I have been buying bletotd water for a long time and was kinda getting sick and tired with always hauling the instances of water around. Then my girlfriend talked myself and something of my kids into a diet that included drinking a sizable level of water a day, and so i decided arrived to change to the 5-gallon bottles along with a dispenser. Found a wonderful stainless dispenser at […] that produces warm water hot enough for tea and cold water perfect for drinking. Now I need to wreak havoc on the 5-gallon water bottles. This basically provided, I figured, 3 options. Using a water delivery service (very costly), buying 5-gallon water bottles pre-filled with a place like Home Depot, or using the empty water bottles in to Wal-Mart and then for $2.00 a bottle, refilling them myself. Most of these options needed that We’ve storage for a couple empties, as well as them have varying examples of annoyance. Then while walking over the Home Depot I ran across the Z-bottles by ZeroWater. Appeared like what is anxiety all my problems.So, I purchased the bottle and hooked up. Went easily in the new water dispenser and immediately started making water. I love the flavors in the water. I have one daughter who belives it tastes metallic, plus a couple other family members nobody as it. If you feel about this, Dasani starts off with purified water (000) then adds stuff to it for flavor, so a fantasy surprising that this flavor is just not something enjoyed by all, though I myself am real happy. Will be nice if the ZeroWater people could make a second form of filter that could add back some stuff to improve that flavor returning to a Dasani flavor or something (believe I heard that Dasani measures like 039 ppm of total disolved solids.Anyway, to me, this Z-bottle will be the strategy to use. I’m not storing certainly not new filters. No huge 5-gallon water bottles hanging out. I’m not really lifting and changing water bottles. I’m not running water bottles for the store, or paying a wild amount of money to own them delivered. All I’m doing is filling a pitcher with water every evening and dumping it in to the top chamber of the Z-bottle. Nothing may be easier.The next word towards the wise. I’ve read some reviews where people complain in regards to the water not immediately registering a 000 with new filters, or beginning to smell right away. When I bought mine, I made the decision to get filters too. Home Depot was clearing them out so everything was marked half price and that i made a decision to get them out and be looking for a long time ahead. Upon putting the filter boxes into the cart, I noticed that a lot of them was re-sealed. At $60 per box of four (I was getting for $30), I decided to look at them as much as customer satisfaction and appearance them out. The re-sealed ones looked good. Then I had them open an un-opened one. Not merely was the un-opened one inch a plastic bag, that your re-sealed ones weren’t, the filter itself, in which the holes are to the water to undergo, was somewhat shiny, whereas the re-sealed ones were a very black matte color. It was true for those 3 boxes of re-sealed filters, whereas all 3 boxes of filters that have been not re-sealed were shiny. My assumption? At $60 box, individuals were with these, cleaning them up, and returning these phones Home Depot for his or her money back. May not surprise me whatsoever the those with negative reviews, sufficient reason for water filters not registering 000 right away on and on out real quick might have been purchasing and using USED filters. Moral with the story, guarantee the boxes of filters you’re buying haven’t ever been open, or open them up and check out the new signs as with plastic bags and shiny black as an alternative to matte black.

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