The two most challenging resolutions—and how to succeed in keeping them

New Year's ResolutionsWhat are your resolutions this year?  If you’re like most people, slimming down and butting out are at the top of your list.

And these are also likely to be resolutions you’ve made before and failed to keep.  When it comes to weight loss, 95 percent of people have gained back the weight they lost within five years, and people who try to quit smoking don’t fare much better: 75 percent start smoking again.

These relapse rates tell us that losing weight and overcoming a nicotine addiction are two of the most difficult goals to achieve.  But that doesn’t mean they’re not worthwhile.  Being able to keep just one of these two resolutions can transform your appearance, overall health and quality of life.

Fortunately, your chances of keeping weight off and staying smoke-free now and forever are much better in 2011, thanks to new technologies designed to prime your body and mind for success:

PAL Device: The Portable Assisted Learning Device provides a guided creative visualization environment that helps you overcome addictions to food and nicotine.  By placing you in a deep, meditative Theta brainwave state, the PAL allows you to acquire the thinking patterns and behaviors that support weight loss and freedom from nicotine cravings.

Learn more about the PAL Device, or order your device today.

BioMat: The BioMat supports your weight-loss and non-smoking regimen in three important ways:

  1. It flushes toxins from your system.  These toxins can trip up your best intentions by creating the desire for sugar, carbs, nicotine and other stimulants.
  2. It speeds your metabolism.  The BioMat accelerates your core temperature, metabolic rate and circulation, which helps you burn more calories.
  3. It provides soothing warmth and relaxation.  Staying calm and relaxed can be difficult when you’re coping with intense cravings, but a session on the BioMat can help you de-stress and overcome moments of weakness.

Learn more about the FDA Registered Class II Medical Device, or  order one for home use today.

Alkal-Life: The Alkal-Life water purification and alkalization system improves cellular water absorption and reduces body acidity—both important conditions for weight loss.  Alkalized water also boosts immunity and physical resilience, to help you resist cravings for nicotine and sugars.

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Make 2011 the year you finally achieve your weight loss and smoking cessation goals, with innovative products that jumpstart your resolutions and ensure long-term success!