Looking to add softness and comfort to your BioMat® sessions?

While the BioMat® is like lying on a warm bed of sunshine in a rain forest and deeply relaxing, we also know that lying on a bed of amethyst can be hard for some people. Our Snug Fleece wool covers provide the added layer of cushion you want to increase the relaxation and healing of a BioMat® session. Snug Fleece wool covers are made from 100% American virgin wool, are naturally flame-resistant, and non-allergenic.

Why use a wool cover with your BioMat®?

It’s critical that you only use natural fiber products when laying on your BioMat®. This includes the clothes you wear and the sheets, covers or blankets you might place between the BioMat® and your body. Wool is the perfect natural fiber due to its unique ability to not only offer a soft cushiony layer, but also its ability to act as a natural thermostat in both arctic cold and tropical heat. Wool wicks away moisture from your body and can absorb 30% of its weight in body vapor which keeps you cool when it gets hot! Plus, wool naturally envelops your body with a springy cushioned support that helps pressure points, muscle aches and back pain.

The unique advantage of Snug Fleece Wool

All Snug Fleece Woolen’s products are 100% American virgin wool, which has a higher crimp than other foreign producers. This gives Snug Fleece Wool an exceptional “springiness” that comforts and cradles your aching joints and muscles. Wool is a natural sleeping aid that reduces fatigue, helps achieve deeper more restful sleep and refreshes you for the day ahead.

  • 1 ¾ inch pile height plush cover wool for ultimate comfort
  • Superb “hands-on” quality craftsmanship
  • Protection from dust, mold and mildew
  • 100% cotton backing
  • Allergy relief
  • Animal friendly
  • Environmentally safe
  • Easy care cleaning
  • Standard sizes available for your bed or BioMat® from Single to King
  • Specially designed sizes for your Professional BioMat®, Mini BioMat® and BioMat® Pillow

Competitors do not stand up to the “hands-on” quality and craftsmanship of SnugFleece Wool Covers. The Original and SnugFleece II are constructed with our specialized, one-of-a-kind equipment, one row at a time. This process, unique to SnugFleece, secures the wool in its natural upright position to cotton backing. This allows the recoil properties of this unique fiber to remain intact. In this state, the natural crimp of the wool continually tries to assert itself. A SnugFleece cover remains lofty and resistant to compression, unlike most competitors. Try for yourself and really feel the difference a SnugFleece wool cover makes to your BioMat® or Bed.

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Sleep Satisfaction Guarantee and Warranty

Did you know...

1) Studies conducted by the American Wool Council show that sleeping on wool results in a sounder sleep, less tossing, turning and waking up throughout the night. 2) Six separate research studies conducted in 4 countries indicate that relaxed sleep, induced by wool, has health and therapeutic benefits. 3) 90% of 700 users report relief from stiffness and pain.