Rejuvena Premium

Aging can be merciless…especially on your largest organ – your skin!

Free radicals, sun damage, genetics, dehydration and environmental toxins are robbing you daily of your youthful appearance little by little until one day you wake up staring at the mirror thinking “when did THIS happen?”

  • Sun spots
  • Under-eye darkness
  • Sagging jowls
  • Wrinkled neck and décolleté
  • The dreaded elevens!

Your skin is thinner, the texture is rougher, you’ve lost volume under your eyes and under your cheek bones

Imagine a 5 in 1, researched backed treatment that can return a youthful glow, taught, plump appearance and a smoother texture that leaves you questioning time itself!

The Rejuvena Premium brings luxurious spa quality treatments that deliver youthful, bright, tight, luminous skin to the convenience of your own home at a fraction of spa treatments. Restore your youth with 3 modes of operation in an easy, ergonomic design.

This Hi-Tech Ion Treatment Facial Care System smooths out the early signs of aging, by exfoliating the dull, dry layers of dead dirty skin cells to stimulate a whole new radiant appearance, gently and naturally.

5 Beautifying Benefits:

  1. Gentle Peeling to remove oil and dirt: A sonic vibrational massage cleans and lifts oil and debris from your skin revealing a fresh, clean appearance
  2. Ion Treatment: Negative and Positive Ions deliver deep penetration of nutrients for maximum rejuvenation that shows…Firm, lift and glow!
  3. Light Therapy: Blue light (470 nm) reduces signs of aging and tightens skin. Red light (624 nm) neutralizes free radicals that harm cells and rejuvenates UV damaged cells.
  4. Gold Therapy: Gold was revered by the Chinese as the secret to providing a smooth, radiant skin tone.

Growing old has never glowed so well with 5 in 1 Gold Therapy!

One Simple Button = 3 Modes of Use

Step 1: Gentle Peeling Mode

The first step to all quality skin care regimes is cleansing. The Rejuvena water peeling mode delivers gentle vibrations to your skin, lifting dirt, debris, and dead skin cells with the gold blade to reveal new, fresh, clear, radiant skin and promote new skin cell turnover.

Step 2: G-Blue (470 nm) Mode

Next, the Blue Light setting ensures maximum penetration of your skin care products, and delivers a boost on sagging, aging skin. Negative Ions, Blue Light, and sonic massage work together to deeply infuse nutrients from serums (by sure to try our Vitamin C with amethyst serum OR the brand new Alpha Max Serum!) so that your products reach as many cells and as many layers of the epidermis as possible! BONUS – Blue Light is excellent at addressing skin troubles.

Step 3: G-Red (470 nm) Mode

Complete your sonic massage with Red Light therapy and positive ions to seal in the nutrient infusion, close and minimize pores, tighten skin and promote healthy elasticity.

Order your Rejuvena now and try it for yourself with our Risk Free 7 Day Trial. Restore a bright, tight and youthful appearance back to your skin today! Remember to combine your Rejuvena with the Pure C Serum or Alpha Max Serum for best results!

Download the user manual here


Red light therapy is the latest youth-enhancing “go-to” discovery popping up everywhere from your local spa and dermatology office to the forward thinking, bio-hacking community…and for good reason!

The benefits of photomodulation have been documented for 40 years and the body of knowledge is only growing. The Rejuvena Premium provides an easy, daily red light treatment in the convenience of your home at a fraction of the cost! My own aesthetician tells me she tries to use her Red Light EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Yes….You Can Rewind the Clock

Red Light helps with the following:

  • Reduce pore size
  • Improve elasticity
  • Reduce free radicals
  • Sooth skin damage caused by UV damage


While Blue Light Therapy is not as common in spas and dermatology offices as Red Light Therapy, Blue Light Therapy is just as well researched and documented for its powerful anti-bacterial properties.

Whether you have chronic acne or the occasional breakout, you can boost your facial results with the deep cleansing action of Blue Light Therapy – an effective way to target troubled skin quickly and naturally… without side effects!

Take advantage of our Risk Free 7 day Trial and Order your Rejuvena now. You CAN turn back the hands of time and give your skin what it needs to return a bright, tight and youthful appearance! Upgrade your Rejuvena and combine it with the Pure C Serum or Alpha Max Serum for best results in your Step 2 program!

Take advantage of our Risk Free 7 day Trial and Order your Rejuvena now