Rejuvena Premium

Bring luxurious spa quality treatments that deliver youthful, bright, tight, luminous skin to the convenience of your own home with the Rejuvena Premium. Restore your youth with 3 modes of operation in an easy, ergonomic design. This Hi-Tech Ion Treatment Facial Care System smooths out the early signs of aging, by exfoliating the dull, dry layers of dead dirty skin cells to stimulate a whole new radiant appearance, gently and naturally.

4 Beautifying Benefits:

  1. Gentle Peeling to remove oil and dirt: A sonic vibrational massage cleans and lifts oil and debris from your skin revealing a fresh clean appearance
  2. Ion Treatment: Negative and Positive Ions deliver deep penetration of nutrients for maximum rejuvenations that shows…Firm, lift and glow!
  3. Light Therapy: Blue light (470 nm) reduces signs of aging and tightens skin. Red light (624 nm) neutralizes free radicals that harm cells and rejuvenates UV damaged cells.
  4. Gold Therapy: Gold is a well-known antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties, calming acne, reducing redness, protecting from harmful free radicals and providing a smooth, radiant skin tone.

One Simple Button = 3 Mode of Use

Step 1: Gentle Peeling Mode

After cleansing your skin, lightly sweep the Rejuvena blade upwards for a gentle exfoliation of dirt and dead skin cells. This first step is gentle and stimulating to the skin, and supports new skin cell turnover.

Step 2: G-Blue (470 nm) Mode

Enjoy a sonic massage with an infusion of Negative Ions and your preferred skin serum or essence for enhanced nutrient penetration and results from your skin care products.

Step 3: G-Red (470 nm) Mode

Complete your sonic massage with red light therapy and positive ions to seal in the nutrient infusion, close and minimize pores, tighten skin and promote healthy elasticity.

Order your Rejuvena now to restore a bright, tight and youthful appearance back to your skin today! Remember to combine your Rejuvena with the Pure C for best results!

Download the user manual here.