Gift Guide for Your Health and Style Loving Friends

Every year, the gift giving season becomes more and more not just about finding the perfect gift, but about creative ways I can also do good for the planet, for small businesses and for our health.

We at wanted to share with you our own tried-and-true curated list of products we love. We hope you enjoy these special health and aesthetically beautiful gift ideas we wanted to spotlight because we felt the brands hold high the values of integrity and quality, and the products add joy and health!

BeautyCounter’s Mini Lip Gloss Vault makes ladies of all ages swoon with delight! A 10 piece collection of sheer gorgeous color with a mix of shimmers and pearlescent finishes – plus conditioning moisture, high impact shine and a whisper of refreshing peppermint. She will carry multiples all at once just to layer and play according to her mood!

Not only is their philosophy “Beauty Should Be Good For You”, but they created the “Never List”, which includes 1,500 questionable cosmetic ingredients that you will never find in Beautycounter products. #betterbeauty

We love this gorgeous glass blown, waterless essential oils diffuser for both its artistry and lack of the plastics that can corrode your precious oils. It features a built in timer function that will cycle on and off every ten minutes, and will run for 4 hours before shutting off. This diffuser does NOT use any heat or water, keeping your essential oils in their most natural state as it produces a mist. Permeating a 900 square foot space with your favorite essential oil aroma, you’ll enjoy the aesthetic of a beautiful piece of art as well. Perfect for home, office, spas, healing practices and gift giving.

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Clutch Modern artfully brings together unique furniture and décor to people who desire an indoor space that feels good.

When the holidays come around, my souls connects to aromatic scents, pine trees, Wassail or Russian tea simmering in the kitchen, gingerbread baking in the oven, cinnamon apples. This Holiday Cheer Essential oil brightens any space and fills it with bright, fresh and memory-filled aromatics. It infuses orange, nutmeg, Balsam Fir, cinnamon bark, cassia and vanilla absolute.

Nature’s Fusions is a small family owned business committed to sourcing the highest potency essential oils from around the world. They will only partner with companies that commit to sustainable farming practices, harvesting, and steam distillation. The oils are not diluted with carrier oils or other fillers and a free of any additives and residues. Plus, they have the FOREVER guarantee: you may return any Nature’s Fusion product at any time, for any reason, FOREVER.

If you need to catch her breath, this Vintage Metallic Italian Leather clutch show-stopper is a one of a kind. Reminiscent of her fathers, David Hicks, love for hexagon geometric design, India Hicks infuses each piece of her collection with tokens, stories and unexpected strokes of his legendary imprint. Exclusively designed hardware, hand stitching and a flash of her signature flamingo color makes each piece special and unique.

India Hicks is the daughter of British and design royalty. Her father was the famed interior decorator, David Hicks, and her mother was the last viceroy of India, Lady Pamela Hicks. India designs her collections inspired by both her British heritage and island life as a wife and mother of 5.