Free Biomat Aroma Stand TM

Valid on eligible completed orders from July 1st, 2018 until Friday, July 27, 2018 at 5:59 AM Hawaii Standard Time.

  1. Who receives the free Biomat Aroma Stand TM?
    The customer (applicant) who purchased a Pro/Single/Queen/King Biomat® or Queen/ King Orgone Biomat®. They can redeem their certificate for a free Biomat Aroma Stand TM. The Biomat Aroma Stand TM will ship to the applicant listed on the order. Shipping charges will apply. For International shipping rates, email with the full shipping address to receive a quote. Import fees for maybe assessed based on the full retail value of the stand.
  2. Will the free item be shipped with the order?
    No. Once your order has been processed, a certificate to redeem the free item will be generated and e-mailed to the customer (applicant) within two weeks of the order processing date.If the customer has not provided a valid e-mail address, the certificate will be mailed out via US Mail. Mail service is only offered to US and Canadian residents.
  3. Who receives the free item if there are multiple shipping recipients on the order?
    The customer (applicant) on the order form will receive the certificate for the free item.
  4. What is the expiration date of the free item certificate?
    The expiration date is six months from the issue date.
  5. Is the Biomat Aroma Stand TM available to purchase separately?
    Yes. The Biomat Aroma Stand TM is available to purchase. It is $125 + shipping. Please refer to the Price List for shipping costs or contact the Shipping Department for international rates.
  6. Is there a warranty on the free Biomat Aroma Stand TM?
    There is no warranty on the free Biomat Aroma Stand TM. Biomat Aroma Stands TM purchased in full have a one-year limited warranty.