Rejuvena Premium

Bring luxurious spa quality treatments that deliver youthful, bright, tight, luminous skin to the convenience of your own home with the Rejuvena 7000. Restore your youth with 2 modes of operation in an easy, ergonomic design. This Hi-Tech Ion Treatment Facial Care System smooths out the early signs of aging, by exfoliating the dull, dry layers of dead dirty skin cells to stimulate a whole new radiant appearance, gently and naturally.

Step 1: Soft Peeling Mode

The soft peeling mode helps prepare your skin for the deep nutrition of Step 2 with the Pure C Serum, by deeply cleansing and removing old, dead skin cells that get in the way of your natural healthy, vibrant skin. This mode is gentle and painless. Using 30,000 vibrations per second, this first step is gentle and stimulating to the skin, and helps to tone, tighten and lift aging skin. Use this mode twice a week for normal skin, once in a week for sensitive skin.

Step 2: Ion Treatment & Red Light Heat Lamp Function

The Rejuvena 7000 Ion Treatment Mode uses a current combined with a special 660nm Red Light Heat Lamp to increase the penetration of the nourishing Pure C Serum (sold separately) deep into your skin. Offering a unique, oil-free patented formula, the advanced Pure C Serum delivers powerful antioxidants known to fight the visible signs of aging such as sagging skin, dull texture, and sun spots. The Ion Treatment mode is safe and effective to use once to twice per day for best results. Be sure to apply Vitamin C Serum or water-based skin ointment before using Ion Treatment mode.

Order your Rejuvena now to restore a bright, tight and youthful appearance back to your skin today! Remember to combine your Rejuvena with the Pure C Serum and Amethyst Hydrogel Face Mask for best results!

Download the user manual here.